Eckhoff Antique Tractor and Memorabilia Collection

Auction starts: October 12, 2018 at 12:00 AM CDT
Columbia, MO


Enesco America's Favorites 1956 Corvette Cookie Jar #9AF574
Antique Sconce Brass with White Milk Glass Reproduction Crown Oil Globe
Crescent #385 Lifting Device. Capacity 3/8 to 3/4 inch 1000 lbs
Schrader Pressure Tester with Box
Champion Spark Plug Tin Display Box
Ford Brass Rim Headlights with Ford H Lens Pair
Ford Side Mirrors - One Brass, One Chrome
"Hot August Days" by Rudy Sparkuhl, #143 of 250, Framed
1911 Locomotive Picture by River
Orange Vintage Columbia 3-wheel tricycle with basket
Side-entry, sit-down tricycle with white plastic seat and metal basket.
2004 Pachislo ''Flower'' slot machine.
Maroon Schwinn 3-wheel tricycle with basket.
Limited edition Skippy Fire Chief Year 1997 1965/10000
1918 Texaco Ford Runabout collector Series #5 Limited Edition Coin Bank.
Die-Cast Metal 1918 Runabout Bank, 1/25 scale, with box
Framed Studebaker Advertisement, no box
Die Cast Metal Duracell Truck, Locking Coin Bank, with Key, with box
Golden Jubilee Holiday Inspired Wagon, with trees (2 of 2 pieces), with box
Set of four framed car pictures featuring Lincoln, Mercury, Ford, Dodge, Imperial, Chrysler, Plymouth, Nash, Rambler, Pontiac, Cadillac, Buick
Ross London Brass Binoculars with tripod and wooden storage box
Military First Aid Kit and American Red Cross text book, no box
Military Eight Foot Suspension Swing, no box
War Department Technical Manual, TM9-803, 1/4 ton 4 x 4 Truck, no box
Telescope, Elbow for an M 17 (1942), no box (1942)
Military M-17 Binoculars w/Case
Military Gas Mask and Carrying Case, no box
Military Gas Mask and Carrying Case, no box
Plastic Military Goggles, No. 2 Lens, no box
1903, WWI, Military Phone, no box
Military Sea Ration/Mess Kit, no box
Auto Theft Signal System, no box
Military Jack, no box
L. L. Bean Folding Hunt/Pack Sled
Signal Corp US Army Telephone, EE-8-B, no box
200 Cartridge, 7.62 Military Ammo Box
Tonka Motor Mover Auto Transport Truck and Trailer w/Two Corvette cars
Field Telephone Oak Case Without Battery, Pat. 9-5-99
Military Foot Locker, no box
Department Army Field Manual, Basic Field Training, Infantry Platoon Manual, no box
Helmet and Magnetic Flag Display, no box
WWII Uncle Sam Military Recruiting Poster, no box
American Propaganda Poster (Nazi) by Koehler Ancona, no box
Vintage 4077th M*A*S*H Beer - 6 Pack, unopened.  ***Contents inside have expired and are not consumable
M.G.M. Industries Piggy Back Oiler with Quaker State Motor Oil Can
Nylint Ford Model T Roadster Hot Rod Pressed Steel Toy Car (1960's)
Nylint Yellow Roadster with red interior and rumble seats
Gulf Oil Dispenser Modified w/Glass Shelves
Nylint Spiker's All American Monster Truck (Vintage)
Moline Wagon Co. framed frog picture
1921 P. L.Cassinelli Hardware & Implements Jackson, California - International Harvester Calendar (January)
Maytag Multi - Motor Oil - Newton, Iowa
Maytag Fuel Mixing Can - Newton, Iowa
1957 Berger & Sons Independent Gas & Oil Dist. & Farm Supply Calendar (Olney, Illinois)
1911 Hardy & Son 1911 General Hardware Calendar
J.I. Case Thrashing Machine Co. 1917 Side Crank spring mounted steam engines repair price list
1930 Outboard Motors Corp. Evinrude Fold Light detachable 2.7 H.P. row boat motor in wooden Evinrude box
Norscot Caterpillar twenty two track type tractor -- 1:16 scale model - new in box
Reproduction sign - 1879 Deere, Mansur & Co. (St. Louis & Kansas City)
Fight or Buy Bonds Third Liberty Loan Military Advertisement, no box
Tonka Chevrolet Mud Runner Pickup Truck
Nash Tech Manual 1950's Supplements 
Box of Model T Times Magazines
Box of Model T Times Magazines
Box of Model T Times Magazines
Box of Model T Times Magazines
Vintage Chevrolet Club VCC Magazine Collection
Toledo Scale Restored Style 346 Ser #52314 Cat 1901 with Top Roller Scale
Model T Manuals, 2 calendars, 2 magnets, 2 instruction books, and 1 plaque.
Model T side trunk storage box
Antique Tool Kit Socket Set
Scale Models Allis Chalmers WD - 45 narrow front tractor
Ertl Massey-Harris 555 Tractor 1/16 scale model
Framed Print Chesapeake 25th Annv. Boat Show Signed Print 13 of 200 Signed
Antique Ford Oiler Can
Antique Tool Kit Socket Set with Wooden Box
Cast Iron Nail Holder Star Corp.
Roadside USA Collection Replica Gas Station, with box
Roadside USA Collection Replica Texaco Gas Station, with box
Limited Edition Texaco Havoline 1994 Collectible Thunderbird Die-Cast Bank, with box
Danbury Mint Replica of Missouri Tiger Memorial Stadium, with box
Scale Models John Deere Model B narrow front, tractor scale model
Ertl 1917 - 1924 John Deere Model "N" Waterloo Boy Tractor scale model
John Deere Farm Implements Metal Sign Dealer 24x72
The Waterloo Boy Tractor Precision Classics (No. 15) Die Cast
Ertl John Deere 630 Tractor 1/16 scale model (right rear wheel broken)
Ertl John Deere 2 cylinder expo IV, wide general purpose tread, serial number 1514
John Deere Farm Implements Metal Sign Dealer 24x72
Liberty Classics 1937 Chevy pick up truck John Deere coin bank with key (limited edition)
Ertl scale model John Deere 430C, crawler tractor with 3 point hitch, collectors edition sn. 2607F, tracks still in plastic
Ertl 1924 John Deere Spoker "D" tractor scale model (two cylinder expo VIII - 1998)
Ertl 1924 John Deere Spoker "D" tractor scale model (collectors edition 1999) 75th anniversary
Ertl 1924 John Deere Spoker "D" tractor scale model (exhibitor expo VIII 1998)
Ertl 1915 John Deere model "R" Waterloo Boy Tractor 1/16 scale model Collectors edition Serial No. 3387 (in box)
Ertl John Deere Spoker Tractor Scale model
Ertl John Deere model A, narrow front, tractor scale model with farmer (Ertl 40th anniversary 1945 - 1985)
John Deere A Cast Iron Model
John Deere Drink Dispenser (enamel)
 Ertl Merita Bread Truck (1 of 100), with box
Die-Cast Metal 1932 Panel Delivery Truck, Locking Coin Bank with key, with box
Die-Cast Metal 1931 Hawkeye Truck, with box
Die-Cast Ryder Freight Truck, Locking Coin Bank with Key, with box
A Liberty Classic Limited Edition Clark Oil & Refining Co. Lockheed Vega Die Cast Plane Scale Model(1/15,000)
Model T Wooden Steering Wheel, no box
Ertl Caterpillar 2 ton track type tractor 1/16 scale model in box (No. 04063/4900)
John Deere Collectible Longaberger Baskets , no box
Case - "Old Abe" Eagle Cast iron sign with stand
Texaco, 1913 Ford Model T Delivery Truck, Limited Edition, with box
International Toy Tractor, no box
Limited Edition Texaco 1920's Gas Pumps and T-Shirt, no box
Dodge Viper GT2, Die Cast Metal Model Kit, with box
1925 Mack Bull Dog Lubricant Truck, Die Cast Metal Locking Coin Bank with Key, with box
1925 Mack Bull Dog Lubricant Truck, Die Cast Metal Locking Coin Bank with Key, with box
Keuffel & Esser Co. Transit SN. 233555 with tripod and grade bar.
Die Cast Metal 1931 Hawkeye Tanker, Locking Coin Bank with Key, with box
Texaco 1919 GMC Tanker Truck, Collector Series 17, with box
Special Chrome Millennium Series
1956 T Bird, 1:18 Scale, Flying Snoopy Driving (206 of 1500 made)
1960 Chevrolet Impala, 1:24 scale, no box
Etching of a Bugling Elk (Wapiti) by Bill O'Neill in 1977 
Johnny Lighting Coca-cola 1955 Chevy Nomad Limited edition 
Valvoline Plastic Can Cooler, Mark Martin
U.S. Postal Open Front Panel Side Truck, 1/25 scale, with box
Model A Delivery Van, Limited Edition Die Cast Lockable Coin Bank, 1/25 scale, with box
Black and Decker cordless drill, saw and flashlight kit
1929 Lockheed Air Express Die Cast Coin Bank, First in the Wings of Texaco Series, with box
1913 Ford Model T Delivery Truck, Texaco Limited Edition, with box
Cast Aluminum Car, no box
Golden Jubliee Holiday Inspired Tractor (1 of 2 pieces), with box
1953 Ford Victoria, 1/25 Authentic Scale Model, with box
Framed Picture of Dale Earnhardt, Daytona 500, Piece of Right Front Tire, no box
February 18, 2001, Certificate of Authenticity, 1 of 700 Produced
Milk Shake/Malt Shop Mixer, green, no box
Cast Aluminum Car, no box
Milk Shake/Malt Shop Mixer with wooden base, no box
Sage Green porcelain gold mining pail, no box
1936 Mercedes Benz 500 K Roadster with Crystal Snoopy, 1:20 Scale, no box
Die Cast Metal Locking Coin Bank, 1930 Travel Air Model R Mystery Ship, Wings of Texaco Collection, with box
Die Cast Metal Locking Coin Bank, 1932 Northrop Gamma, Wings of Texaco Collection, with box
Texaco's First Plane 1927 Ford Tri-Motored Monoplane, 7th in the Series, Die Cast Metal Coin Bank (with box)
Roadside USA Collection Replica Gas Station, Texaco, with box
Roadside USA Collection Replica Gas Station, ACME, with box
Roadside USA Collection Replica Gas Station, Bobby's Quik Serve, with box
Pennzoil Die Cast Pump Replica, yellow (no box)
1929 Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane (Spokane Sun God), 9th in the Wings of Texaco Series, Die Cast Metal Coin Bank
Texaco 1939 Dodge Airflow Locking Coin Bank with key , Collector Series 10, with box
Box of Model T Times Magazines
Stock 9385, 1925 Kenworth Stake Truck, Coin Bank with box
Brookins Old Service Station Oil Can, Balcrank Division
Texaco 1999 Ford F-350 Metal Matchbox Model 1/24th Scale
Texcaco 1925 Kenworth Stake Truck Die Cast Bank Collector Series 9
Special Edition Texaco 1920's Pierce Arrow Cab with Tanker, Die Cast Metal Bank
Ridgid cordless jig-saw with soft case.
Rigid electric drill with soft case and handle
Rigid pneumatic Brad Nailer with soft case and porter cable finish nails.
Limited Edition Numbered 1765 of 2300 produced GM Texaco Crew Bus, 1/50th Scale
Stock B195, 1934 Texaco Diamond T Tanker (Doodle Bug) Die Cast Coin Bank
String of 7 Route 66 Lights
Frame Pagasus Jack Schmidt 692 of 750 Gas Station Rent A Car
Red Tractor Steering Wheel (3 spoke)
1920 Wayne Texaco Gas Pump 1/25th Scale
Ford Roadster Pickup Medal Sign
Polly Prem Motor Oil Pump Dispenser (Alemite)
Partial Fishing Rods with Tubes South Bend Bait Co.
Texaco 1946 Dodge Power Wagon, 1/24th Scale
Texaco Gooney Bird Douglas DC-3C, 11th in the Wings of Texaco Series
Gettysburg Riker Specimen Mount
Texaco Tanker 1910
Wayne Gravity Pump Die Cast
4400 tractor, 1/64 scale, no box
Drafting Tool Set Made in the U.S.A., leather pouch
The Ross Garden Hose Sprinkler, Temple City, California 1924, no box
Roadside USA Deep Rock Gas Station, with box
Framed, Signed and Numbered Diary Queen Print, no box
Framed 1939 Chevrolet Ad (2 total), no box
Die-Cast Metal 1918 Ford Cab and Trailer (19938P) Imperial Palace Collectible, with box
Framed Thunderbird Print by Dave Snyder, numbered 371 of 500, no box
Framed Fresh River print by Evelyn Steinkuhl, numbered 255 of 1000, no box
Salesman Sample Washing Machine
2000 FLHRC, 1/18th Teeth Die Cast Harley Davidson Motorcyle Clock with box
Texaco 1918 Ford Model T Runabout Bank with box
1925 Mack Bull Dog Truck Bank with box
Ford Punta Gorda Die Cast Police Car with box
Texaco 1929 Mack Die Cast Fire Truck Bank with box (24987D)
Aftershave gas pumps
31 Hawkeye Die Cast Wrecker Bank with box
Texaco Model 48
Harley Davidson Hog
Battery-Operated Clock
Caution Children at Play
Dodge Viper Plastic Model, no box
Framed International Trucks Advertisement, no box
Die-Cast Metal Freight Truck Bank Locking Coin Bank with Key, with box
Mario Andretti Diecast Bank Indy Car, 1994 collector series
Texaco 1930 Diamond T Fuel Tanker, Collector Series 7 Bank with box
Texaco Wayne Gas Pump Replica
Five (5) Texaco Lubrication Guides (1961, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1969)
GM Goodwrench Series Dale Earnhart, Sr. walkie talkies, no box
1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1:18 Die Cast Metal, with box
American Muscle 1977 Pontiac Trans AM, 1:18 Scale Limited Edition, with box
Shell Premium Gravity-Fed Gas Pump (no box)
BMW Isetta Metal Piggy Bank
Remember When Gas Pump (no box)
2001 Racing Champions 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile 4-5-5, 1:18 scale Die Cast, John Force Signature Series
1936 Dodge Panel Delivery, 1/28 Scale Die Cast Metal, Opening Rear Doors Lockable Coin Bank (with box)
Texaco's First Plane 1927 Ford Tri-Motored Monoplane, 7th in the Series, Die Cast Metal Coin Bank (with box)
BMW Isetta 1/12 Scale
Texaco Town Filling Station Series No. 4, Replica of Idalia, Colorado Texaco Town Filling Station (1993)
Texaco 1939 Dodge Airflow Locking Coin Bank with key , Collector Series 10, with box
Texaco 1:32 Scale Die Cast Bank, 1918 Mack AC Bulldog Flatbed Truck
1963 Chevrolet Impala Precision Model
Armour's Cloverbloom - Process cheese
AC Spark Plug Cleaner (Polly Gas)
Spirit of St. Louis toy Airplane (silver)
Signed Framed Picture 803 of 950 Dave Snyder Signed
Airport Framed Classic Car Scene "Let's Go See The Jets" Dave Snyder Signed 621 or 1250
Barny Oldfield and Henry Ford Land Speed Record Picture
Print Ad Sierra Boat Company, August 2002, no box
"Ozark October" framed painting
Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Steam & Rail -- Authors Colin Garratt & Max Wade-Matthews
1905 Tahoe Locomotive Picture with Boat
1914 and 1915 Model T car posters
Framed Thunderbird Garage Scene
The Bomber Service Station Framed Print
Great Gatsby Aug 11th & 12, 2001 Chris Craft 268 or 650 Print Signed Roy E. Dryeer III with COA
Torpedo Wooden Child Sled (made in Canada)
Armour's Cloverbloom - Process cheese
 Fordson Tractor
- Boat tail fenders with intact and functional tool boxes.
Huber Manufacturing  ''The Huber Super Four''
SN 7297
Minneapolis Threshing & Machinery Co. 
SN 27-42 11146 
 Model # 27-42 

This beautiful tractor was restored by the late Randy Styf.This model originated with Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co about 1928. The 27-42 used a 4 Cylinder Cross-Mounted Engine having a 4-7/8x7" Bore and Stroke.
Scale model Farmall McCormick 560 narrow front tractor 1996 collectors edition
Case Tractor (side mount motor) Model 12-20
Very nice restoration and great paint!!
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. - "Old Abe" Eagle Sand Cast aluminum sign
Case - "Old Abe" Eagle Cast iron Bank
Ertl Percision Series 1938 McCormick Deering Farmall - F-20
Hart-Parr Model # 18-36 Ser# 88170 
Franklin Mint Percision Models International Harvester McCormick Farmell Model "H" Tractor 1/12 scale model
Ertl Case Tractor 1/16 scale with identical minature 1/32 scale tractor
Ertl Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor 1/16 scale model
Ertl Fordson Tractor 1/16 scale model
Teeswater Massey Harris Tractor 1/16 scale model
Allis-Chalmers D17 Propane High Crop
Make: Allis-Chalmers
Model: D17
Year: 1961
Serial No.: D17-37729
Fuel Type: LPG
Make: Allis-Chalmers
Model: WD45
Serial No.: 160072
Fuel Type: Gasoline
wheel weights:Yes
This beautiful tractor was restored by the late Randy Styf.
extremely rare tractor
Franklin Mint Precision Models 1937 Farmall F-20 Tractor 1/12 scale model with Precision Series #4 brochure for Farmall F-20
Ertl Antique Fordson Tractor (die cast, in box)
Scale Models Oliver Row Crop 70 , die cast 1/16 scale model, in box
Country Classic Allis Chalmers "G " , 1/16 scale model tractor with plow (in box)
This beautiful tractor was restored by the late Randy Styf.
This beautiful tractor was restored by the late Randy Styf.
Make: Ferguson
Model: F40
Year: 1956
Hours: 3950
SN: SGM 404248
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Owner states that the tractor runs great and has around 50 hours since full restoration including rebuilding engine. The F40 tractor was only made in 1956 & 1957 with only around 10,000 ever made. The other rare attribute of this tractor is the yellow beige paint color. 
Make: International
Year: 1910
Model: A
Chain Drive
Very Rare Truck

This is probably the most interesting Items in the auction. This is a Pre Civil War 2 row 2 man Horse Drawn Corn Planter. This model is believed to be one of first corn planters to demonstrate some success in planting process. The fantastic planter condition is truly amazing for the age of planter.    

It's believed to be a 1850 year Model.
Make: Farmall
Model: B Series
Serial No.: 190794
Side by Side Seating
Make: Farmall
Model: 544
540 PTO Independent 
3 point: Yes 
Fuel Type: Diesel
Ertl International Pedal Tractor Model No. 404
Scale Models International McCormick Farmall Super M Pedal Tractor
Farmall M Precision Series 1/8 Scale Model
F 20 Precision Series 1/32 Scale
Popsicle Red Ball Express Locomotive with Electric Auto- Lite Co. drive motor, two flatbed cars and track.
Caterpillar Hand Held Fan (Antique Machinery Owners Club)
Charger Included 
Ertl collectibles Texaco airplane bank #4
Ertl Texaco airplane bank #3
Pedal Plane "Tail Dragger"- with rotating propellor! 
Hubley Antique WWII Fighter Plane
Minneapolis Moline MM Dealership Sign
Two sided
Scale Model Country Classis Minneapolis Moline UDLX Comfortractor, 1/16 scale model in box
M2 Cletrac Tug
Make: Cleveland
Model: M2
Year: 1942
Serial No.: 3JA284
Cylinders: 6-Cyl.
Horsepower: 150
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity: 33
Operating Weight: 13,500
Condition: Excellent
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor
Tug Bar
Top Speed 22 MPH 
Winch: Garr-Wood 
8510: total produced  
Full Custom Cover
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. "Old Abe" Eagle - Cast Bronze sign
Missouri Highway Dept. Bridge No. H.423 - 1926
This beautiful 1991 John Deere 4455 is most likely the cleanest & most meticulous maintained 4455's in the Country. It is a two owner tractor that you will be most proud to own. (Consignment from Seidler Farms Council Bluffs, IA) " FYI the set of Duals will sell on a B Lot"
Make: John Deere
Model: 4455
Year: 1991
Serial No.: RW4455POO9326
Engine Manufacturer: John Deere
Transmission: Power Shift
Drive: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel Type: Diesel
Enclosed Cab: Yes
AC: Yes
Front weights: Yes
Rear weights: Yes
" FYI the set of Duals will sell on a B Lot"
  -The tractor has never had a loader mounted on it-
1967 John Deere 3020 Tractor Gas Power Shift
 SN T111P081090R

This is a very nicely restored John Deere 3020. It has the rare Power shift transmission and runs out very smooth.   
Liberty Classics Limited edition Lockheed Orion airplane - 1995 Case Corp. 1995 dealer meeting, St. Louis, MO
Vintage Brown & Bigelow Bill Medcalf Case Steam Tractor Print
Make: John Deere
Model: 855
Fuel Type: Diesel
Enclosed Cab: No
72" Belly Mower
3 point Hitch
Always shielded  
Serial No.: LVO855A165163
Hours: 1012 Believed to be Actual hours. FYI this tractor is used on a weekly basis so it may have a few more hours then it has now.

Sooner Queen Oil Can - no bottom - (glass/metal)
Texaco Hand Powered Grease - dispenser
Almite Hand Powered Texaco Oil Pump
Fairbanks 2" Fluid Valve with hand wheel shut-off
Fairbanks 2" fluid Valve with lever-action shut-off
SpecCast classic series Case DC-3 LP gas tractor 1/16 scale model - new in box
Vintage Bridgeport Brass Co Air Pump
Trek Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle - Silver (has different ID tag#)
Horseshoe hanging mobile (has different ID tag#)
Antique Wooden Cart with single large wheel and flat top. (has different ID tag#)
Justrite Safety Can. (has different ID tag#)
John Deere Manure Spreader Ser# 802395
John Deere Wooden Display U.S.Standard Scale
John Deere Farm Yellow Green 42x58 Tin Sign
Ertl John Deere 7020 articulated Pedal Tractor with rear steer
 Wooden boat with functional Neptune Motor and two wheel trailer (one of 5 ever built)

Boat Motor Size: 24" high
Boat with Trailer: 4'10" long 13" wide
Ertl John Deere 4020 Pedal Tractor
Oliver Corporation Thermometer by Taylor Co.
ERTL John Deere 8400 Peddle Tractor and Wagon
Condition: Excellent
Ertl John Deere 7930 Pedal Tractor
Scale Models John Deere 4020 diesel, die cast, 1/8 scale model
John Deere Tractor S Deere and Mansur Co. Moline IL Spring Loaded Top, BL issued 1896 Cast Iron
John Deere Steel Tractor Seat Cast Iron
John Deere Steel Tractor Seat Cast Iron
Ertl John Deere Model BW-40 tractor scale model (two cyclinder expo 6 1996)
John Deere Tractor Steering Wheel
Two Oil Cans with Spout Oiler
Two Oil Cans with Spouts
Horse Shoe Wind Chime or Display Mobile
Cast Iron Tractor seat M488 Green
Cast Iron Tractor Seat Black
Oiler, Funnel, Basket with Can
Tractor Seat Stamped Orange with Stem Mount
Tractor Seat Stamped Red Steel
Tractor Seat Red Stamped with Mount
Tractor Seat Stamped - Green
John Deere Tandem Tri-cycle Vintage Basket
Tractor Seat Cast Iron Buckeye Autlmann Miller & co.
This half-scale reproduction of the 1916 Waterloo Boy model "R" was built in 1991 by Clint Russell of Apopka, FL. The engine is a 1928 Coldwell 2 Cylinder modified to look and operate more like the Waterloo Boy engine by using a larger flywheel and locating the governor and magneto on top of the engine. The water pump and radiator provide cooling.
John Deere Model D Half-Scale Tractor Operational  Replica.

This Half-Scale reproduction of the 1927 John Deere "D" tractor was built in 1995 by the late Clint Russell. The engine is a model "LUC" power unit from a John Deere 6' model "12A" pull type combine and the transaxle is from a McCormick Deering Model "105" self Propelled Combine. 
JD 1/2 Scale Dain All Wheel Drive Working Model
Froelich 1/2 Scale Tractor 1892 Replica Fairbanks Powered
Model T Ride Kids Ride Coin Operated
John Deere/ Van Brunt 1/2 Scale Grain & Fertilizer Drill
John Deere 1/2 Scale Tractor Plow #314 3 Bottom Plow Replica
Replica of John Deere Steel Plow Replica 1837
1/2 Scale Working Replica of ''The Bull Tractor'' (The Bull With The Pull)
Built by the late Clint Russel.

Make: American
Model: 4250
Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Diesel
Fuel: Diesel
Make: Link-Belt
Model: HC98A
Condition: Good
Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Diesel
Enclosed Cab: Yes
Fuel: Diesel

Make: Genie
Condition: Good
Engine Manufacturer: Deutz
Drive: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Transmission: 2-Speed Hydrostatic
Fuel: Diesel
Can be operated from basket or from ground.

Make: Ford
Model: Model TT
Year: 1925
VIN: 11183298
Fuel Type: Gasoline
1970 Ford 1 ton stake bed truck.
Like new electric over hyd lift on back of truck. The truck is in good working order and runs down the road real nice according to Bill. 
Make: Ford
Model: F-100
Year: 1972
Body Type: Pickup Truck
Drive: Two-Wheel Drive
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fresh Restoration 
Rebuilt motor  
Make: International
Model: 4700
Year: 1995
Engine Make: International
Engine Model: DT466
Transmission Type/Speeds: 5-Speed
 SN: 1HTSCAAM2SH646042​​​​​​
Horse Saddle Brackets 2 qty
Dodge Pleasure Ways Conversion Van
Make: Other - RV Manufacturer
Year: 2000
VIN: B26LB31Z41K500169
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Serial #: PWD01EXLTS4375
Approx. 37000 miles
2005 Forest River Auto Master Trailer, VIN # 5NHUAM8305U316869
Branding Irons Full Set 0-9.
FYi the 6 & 9 Interchangeably  
Branding Irons "JR" Qty 2
Branding Iron's Set (Incomplete 5 & 9)
Bull Nose Leader Tool B Line "JR"
Tractor Steering Wheel Color Green
Tractor Steering Wheel Red Large
Tractor Steering Wheel Red Large
Tractor Steering Wheel Cast Iron Spline Shaft #A4395A with Knob
Oilers Qty 2 Just right Can
Oilers Qty 3 and 1 Gasoline Measuring Can
Western Riding Saddle and Stirrups Leather / Bench Not Included
Western Riding Saddle and Stirrups Leather / Bench Not Included
2003 Caterpillar No. 46 Porcelain Enamel Sign
2003 Caterpillar Sales & Service No. 38 Porcelian Enamel Sign
Make: Caterpillar
Model: D7
Year: 1950
Serial #: 3T12161
Condition: Good to Very Good
Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Fuel: Diesel
Gas pony 

Over $24K spent on Complete Restoration  
Caterpillar 955H

Make: Caterpillar
Model: Fifteen
2nd owner. All original operating manuals and parts book. It was sold new in Kansas City, Mo by Hobson-McFarland Tractor Company. Caterpillar Fifteen Tractors were exactly like the smaller Cat Ten, varying only in physical size. Weighing 5,900 pounds, the Fifteen was capable of 15 drawbar and 20 belt horsepower. 4 Cylinder L-Head Engine w/3-3/8 x 4" bore and stroke
Make: Caterpillar
Model: D4
Serial #: 7U21255SP
Fuel: Diesel
Large CAT Diesel Power Hat Made in the USA, no box
Reuhl Products Inc. Caterpillar DW10 Pull Tractor with cat#10 pull-type scraper
Reuhl Products Inc. Caterpillar  DW15 Pull Tractor with Cat No. 428 pull type scraper
Condition: Excellent
Reuhl Products Inc. Caterpillar No. 70 Pull type scraper
2003 First Gear 
Sheepsfoot compactor
Caterpillar No. 12 Motor Grader Scale model
Reuhl Products Inc. Caterpillar D7 diesel crawler tractor with non original rubber tracks
Doepke model toys D6 Crawler tractor
1955 - 1963 Caterpillar D8 Tractor Service Manuals (two books including serial numbers 35A1-UP and 36A1-UP)
1955-1957 Caterpillar DW 20 Tractor Service Manual
1960-1964 Caterpillar 630 & 632 Tractor - Scraper Service Manual (tractor serial Numbers 14G1-UP - scraper serial numbers 10G1-UP, 79F1-UP)
August 21, 1923 Holt Manufacturing Co. Caterpillar 5 Ton Tractor Parts List
1958 American Hoist & Derrick Co. 500 Series Crawler & Truck Crane Operators Instruction Manual
2006 First Gear Inc. International Harvester 175 series C Crawler Loader with grapple and winch
Make: Massey Harris
Year: 1951
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Metal/Porcelain Sign

54" Tall
63" Wide
GMC Trucks Sales & Service Metal/Porcelain Sign (two sided) Made by Walker & Co.

3'6" Round
Railway Express Agency Porcelian
Champion Spark Plug & Road Runner Motor Metal Sign
This Sign has been professionally crated so it will be ready to be shipped or picked up at site. 

Crate Size: 5'  3 1/2" wide 
                   5' 3 1/2" tall

9' 10" horizontal
13" Tall 
Starts and runs good.
Easy Street Metal Street Sign
Texaco Chief Glass Globe with Brass mounting ring
Always a Fresh Water Boat

•1990 42’ Blue Water 

•One owner

•Twin 350 Crusaders 

•Central AC

• Hard removable Canopy on Fly Deck 

•Less then a year on new Batteries and Maintainers



This boat was acquired by Bill & Linda Eckhoff on one of their many trips to the Lake Tahoe area. As the story goes Bill states that he purchased it from a long time local resident who had the boat stored in their garage for over 50.    
Antique/Pressed Steel Boat by W.H. Mullins U.S. Ser/Hull 5157
Fuel Type: Gasoline 
Extremely Rare  
Kendrick and Davis No. 17 Staking set for vintage watch repairs. Includes stakes and stumps and dies.
Boat Motor Ferro Machine & Foundry Co. Ser# 51135 3 HP Type T

This is the same motor that is in the W.H. Mullins Antique Boat in Lot just before this lot.
Nautical Boat Prop Columbian
Anchor & Vintage Nautical Steering Wheel
Vintage Tackle, Flys and Hooks Misc Nautical
Fishing Harpoon Hook and Buoy
Fishing Hook / Spear 8ft Length
English Folding Fishing Net Brass
Falling Leaf Lake Yacht Club Pennant
four wooden/metal wagon wheels
two large wooden/metal wagon wheels
black covered wagon wheel with green pinstripes
Syracuse Washing Machine Corporation EASY Copper Washing Machine, Sn.R103004. Patented March 26 1912.
American shuffleboard table
1928 - 1931 Brinkman Engineering Co. - 3 wheel skooter skate
Gear Box Peddle Car Fire Truck
Vintage Wood & Metal Baby Carriage toy
Antique Portable Scale on 4 (metal) wheel cart
Antique Silver & Deming Water Pump (red and green)
Portable and Adjustable Loading Ramp with concrete block. 

Please note that successful winning purchaser of this ramp will not be able to take possession of ramp until 3 weeks after auction.      
Make: Miller
Condition: Excellent
Engine Manufacturer: Kubota
Watts: 12000
Fuel: Diesel
MMD Equipment NGK-4300H Generator with Honda GX40 motor SN H0015686.
Titan Industrial TG-1000 Generator 
Delta Job Box on Casters Delta Industries
Condition: Excellent
Milwaukee Right Angle Drill
John Deere 14pc SAE Wrench set.
Commerative Tool Box and Tools
L. Bros. Tri-Ang Express Locomotive (made in London England)
Restored Antique Buddy "L" Aerial truck
Buddy L Texaco Fire Chief Bumper Truck
Buddy L Red Pick-up
Buddy L. Steam Shovel
Condition: Excellent
Buddy L GMC 550 Army supply corps canopy truck
Buddy L. Machinery Mover Truck
Buddy L Railway Express Agency Ice Cream Truck
Buddy L Stake Truck (yellow)
Buddy L Light Blue Pick up Truck
Buddy L "Hydraulic" heavy duty dump truck
Buddy L Railway Express Caged Truck
Arcade Mfg. Co. McCormick Deering cast iron Tractor (gray with red lug wheels) and with nickel plated farmer driver
Arcade Mfg. Co. McCormick Deering cast iron Threshing Machine (gray with red smooth wheels)
McCormick /Deering Genesis No. 8 Three- Bottom Plow
Keystone RR 6600 Wrecking Car
Keystone RR 6400 Locomotive
Keystone 6500 Gondola Car
Keystone 6800 Pullman Car
3 piece Keystone train set. Keystone RR 6400 Locomotive . Keystone 6500 Gondola Car. Keystone 6800 Pullman Car
 - Clark equipment Michigan T-24 truck mounted crane / shovel.
Nylint model No. 2200 A
Tonka Stake Bad Truck (light green with broken rear axle)
Tonka Car Carrier - Truck and Trailer
Tonka T6 Crawler Loader Back Hoe
Lead Crystal Tonka Cement mixer, made in West Germany, no box
Tonka road grader, no box (orange), no box
Tonka Crawler Loader Back Hoe
Tonka single drum Roller
Tonka Truck mounted crane
Tonka dump truck
Tonka Crawler Tractor
Tonka Turbo-Diesel Front End Loader
Tonka single axel Dump Truck
Tonka Volkswagon Beetle (orange)
Tonka Snorkel Truck
Cedar Rapids (Greyhound) Asphalt Paver 1/64th Scale
Tractor and Trailer Clockwork With Windup Motor
Courtland Walt Reach Express and Hauling Stake Truck
Smith Miller Truck with Fruehauf Trailer, with box
Structo Excavating Co. steam shovel
Doepke model toys Adams Motor Grader
Doepke model toys Heiliner Elevating Scraper
Wyandotte Toys Power Grader
Mar Toys Lazy Day Farms Stake Truck
Mar Toys Lazy Day Farms Stake Truck - with three straw bales
Vintage Marx Red, Black, and Blue all metal Stake Truck
Marx Western Auto single axle semi truck and van trailer
Marx all metal Semi Truck Tractor , no grill, red
Structo Dump Truck with front loader (driver front wheel loose and loader arms loose)
Structo Semi truck and dump trailer
Structo Truck and livestock trailer
Structo Towing Service Blue Dump Truck - (missing rear axle)
Structo red and black Dump Truck
Nylint Farms Flatbed Dump Truck (with bent rear axle)
Nylint Kentuckian Gold Sound Machine truck
Primary Makit Toy (93 pieces) Patent 1937, 1939
Ohio Art Push to Spin Top (small cowboys)
Ohio Art Push to Spin Top (large trains)
Dick Tracy Police Department Squad Car #1
Mar Toys U.S. Army Tank #3 Tin toy (wind up)
Wind up Lincoln Tunnel Vintage Toy
J.Chein & Co. Tin Ferris wheel - Hercules (wind up toy)
Mar Toys Lone Ranger wind-up toy
Ertl single axel international transtar truck tractor with Republic Tool & MFG Corp. Texaco fuel tanker trailer
Brown & Bigelow Texaco Fuel Truck
Camel All Purpose Consumer Vulcanizing Kit
Camel Tube Patch Tin
Camel Rubber Repair Kit Tube Patch Tin
Griswold Round Casserole Set w/Cast Iron Stand. No. 68 Round Casserole with four No. 67 Service Casseroles Circa 1950's in Buttercup Yellow 
1908 No 7 High Base American Griswold Cast Iron Waffle Iron
12 inch Cast Iron Griswold Skillet #719
Erie Cast Iron Skillet 9 inch
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet 12 inch  719
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 3 inch  - 709 B
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 10 inch
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 3 inch - 709 B - Erie, PA.  U.S.A.
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 12 Inch -
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - No 3 - 709 
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet with lid - No 5 - 724
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - No 3 - 709
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 10 inch - 716 A
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 3 inch - 250.3
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 11 inch - 717
Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - 12 inch - 719
Griswold Cast Iron stick pan - No 262
Griswold two burner gas grill - with porcelain handles - on stand with bottom shelf
Griswold Cast Iron Double Burner w/Porcelain Handles
Griswold single burner - propane gas grill No 201
Griswold "Hello Kiddies" Cast Iron Santa Claus Cake Mold
N. R. Streeter & Co Sensible Cast Iron 2 QT Fruit Press
Embury #350 Little Air Pilot for water bureau use Dietz little wizard globe
Aviator Gold Motor Oil Sampler Airplane #089
Antique Cast Iron Police Motorcycle (Champion)
Transogram Co. Little Travelers Sewing Kit
Cast Iron Motorcycle with Sidecar
Mattel Barbie Airplane (1999) (incomplete)
Mattel Barbie Airplane (1999)
Mattel Barbie Airplane (1999) (incomplete)
Alladdin Disney Express Lunch Box with Thermos
Ohio Art Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Lunch Box with a spinner game
Aladdin Annie Lunch Box (no thermos)
Aladdin Flintstone & Dino Lunch Box with thermos
Aladdin Popeye Lunch Box (no thermos)
American Thermos Bottle Co. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Lunch Box Double R Bar Ranch (thermos broken - wood grain)
American Thermos Bottle Co. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Lunch Box Double R Bar Ranch (thermos broken)
Aladdin Hop A-Long Cassidy Lunch Box (no thermos)
King Seeley Thermos Co. Peanuts Lunch Box (no thermos)
Mattel Barbie Jam'n & Glam Tour Bus
Geoffrey Real Friends Cafe Food Truck (missing wheel)
Wilson Bros. Junior Model A Popcorn Machine
1912 Ford Model T AM Radio by Waco
The Chief Famous All-Pullman Streamliner Sign
Sante Fe Super Chief sign
NOS Spark Plugs and Used Spark Plugs & Misc Parts
Dietz Aceme Inspector Lamp
Grandpa's Place Street Sign - metal
Historic Route 66 Neon Sign
Big Boy's Toy Sign - metal
Rarin' to Go - Texaco metal sign
Dwell - Tach Tester Sun Electric Corporation - (Texaco)
1913 Ford Model T Delivery Truck Limited edition #2837/20,000 - made in 1997
Brennen & Co.Louisville, Kentucky
No. 1 Kentucky Can Mill
Pot for boiling the sugar cane juice
3,300 Lb. capacity -
High lift pallet jack
Highland Ramparts - yellow - free position
Heavy Duty Steel Welding Table
John Deere Operator's Manual - OM-M15564M - LF Fertilizer Distributor
John Deere - shop manual JD-10 - Series 50 - 60 - 70
John  Deere - shop Manual 
Kendall Lubrication Guide - 1959
Allis Chalmers - Shop Manual
Minneapolis-Moline Company - Dealers Service Manual - No. 135 (field service)
Texaco Lubrication Guide
1968 Mustang Owner's Manual
Lime and Fertilizer Distributor and Seeder Attachment 
Directions for setting up Models "E" an "ET" manure spreaders
Deere-Clark 1907 Type "B" Manual
1837 - 1894 .  Reprinted edition 2003
August 1970 - April 1971 - February 1972 - November 1972
March 9, 1953 - March 24, 1953 - June 2, 1953
4020 Row - Crop and Standard Tractors Manual
September 6, 1952 - September 20, 1952 - November 20, 1954 - December 11, 1954
Annual Show Number January 1934
July 1941 - August 1941 - September 1941 - October 1941 - November 1941 - December 1941
February 1942 - March 1942 - April 1942 -  May 1942 - June 1942 - July 1942 - August 1942 - October 1942
February 1943 - May 1943 - June 1943 - July 1943
1890 - 1980 2nd edition
The Farm Tractor Book - 100 years of North American Tractors
The Big Book of Ford Tractors
1949 Caterpillar Framed Calendar  (27" x 47")
1943 Calendar poster ( 26" x 46")
January 1933 Needlecraft Magazine
April 1950 Poster Calendar (13 3/4" x 20")
April 1951 - October 1951 (posters 13 3/4" x 20 1/2")
February 1952 - April 1952 - December 1952 - poster calendars (13 3/4" x 20 3/4")
March 1953 - April 1953 (Poster calendars 133/4" x 21")
June 1953 - November 1953 (poster calendars 13 3/4" x 22")
January 1954 - February 1954 (poster calendars (1 /4" x 21")
1916 Calendar with pull off months - picture (The Glorious Northwest)
1945 picture of President Truman with Lauren Bacall
Nov, 20, 1963 - picture of President Kennedy with wife Jackie in Dallas, Texas
Picture of 1952 Republican convention(each 10 /2" x 14")
Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors - C. H. Wendel 1992
Classic American Tractors Oliver Hart-Parr - C. H. Wendel - 2005
1948 General Electric Space maker refrigerator
Fire-King ovenware -Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
General Electric automatic toaster
Two 200l Indian Calendars
March - April 2017
July - August 2017
Pontiac V8 Bolero Red
Pontiac 960 Bonneville Sports Coupe
Pontiac Hydra-Matic Drive
Imperial by Chrysler
1951 Hudson
LaSalle Cadillac 
1956 Ford
Mercury poster
MoPar and Mobilgas poster
The American Toy Institute
Lane Cedar Hope Chest
American Dairy Ass.
Ridcid poster
Stationary Steam Engines - 1899 Works of Drr. Thurston
McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering 1956
Advertisement post card for steam thrasher and separator
Old Sol Lighting Systems (Hawthorn Mfg. Co. Pat. #1,116,8447-Nov. 10.14.
Huballoy - Antique Sledge Hammer
Electronic Digital Transit/Theodolite E56-DGT20. CST/berger 
Laser Mark LM400-2 Dual Beam Self-leveling rotary laser Cst/berger 
Keson Pro-line Model G-130 Gian Chalk Line Reel
DeWalt - 3 sets of assorted drill bits and drivers
Lazerpro Tool Kit - 16" (40.64 cm) brushed aluminum laser level  - blow molded carrying case . - 3-in-1 Laser tool . - laser glasses
New in box - Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Hand Pump
The Colson Corp. Elvria - Antique Oil Barrel Dolly
Foldit metal push cart - Tipke Mfg. Co. Spokane, Washington
Assorted Antique Chain Oiler Cans - 14 
Antique assorted Ford pipe wrenches - (nine)
Antique Ford Open End Wrenches - (seven)
Tool Shop Electric Shears Model J1J-AJ-1.2
Salute to Veterans Airshow. Glass in frame is broken.
5,500 lb. Pallet Jack
Handle is broken
Schumacher Battery Charger for 12 V Batteries SE Series
1 Metal Sign and 1 Wooden Frame Sign
California Cap Company and Used Cows For Sale 
1 White and 1 Black Sign. Black sign is double sided 
The fare right finger is bent but there is a unused new finger to replace as shown in pictures.

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