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Auction starts: February 1, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST , Closing begins: February 15, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST
West Allis, WI
Auction Type: Online


Gardner Denver 30 HP Horizontal Tank, Mounted Rotary Compressor, Electra Screw Model, S/N U50806, 186 Hours Indicated
Chicago Pneumatic CPX 125 Air Dryer
Gardner Denver 7.5 HP Vertical Tank Mounted Compressor, Model VR7F-8, S/N D175390
Arrow Pneumatic Air Dryer
ML Systems Humidification Mist System, Siemens Control, NO REMOTE HEADS
Donaldson Ultracool Mini Portable Chiller, Model UC-140SP, S/N 49254
LOT: 12' & 8' A-Frame Ladders, 20' Extension Ladder, Rack w/Compressor Parts
2005 Gardner Denver 7.5 HP Vertical Tank Mounted Compressor w/Ace Air Dryer
Sanborn 1.9 HP Vertical Tank Mounted Compressor, Model SL1983054 - DELAYED REMOVAL, CONTACT SITE MANAGER
LOT: (2) Pedestal Fans, (1) Drum Fan
Interthor 2200 lb. Trans Positioner Hydraulic Lifter
Baum Folder 714 Portable Vacuum Fed Table Top Folder on Cart, S/N 87-L-047
Felins Model US2000 lb. ATS Paper Bander, S/N A54583
HHS Promelt Hot Melt Glue System Type IMP-04-1X4-PDE w/C-420 Control & (2) Glue Heads, S/N 470304074277
Nordson ProBlue 10 Hot Melt Glue System w/Series LA404 Control & (1) Glue Head, S/N SA05A15548
Nordson DuraBlue 16 Hotmelt Glue System w/Series LA404 Control & (2) Glue Heads, S/N AN04F02876
GMS Temp Control Model 34-4 Microglue Unit, S/N 101906002
Nordson Vista Series 3800V Hot Melt Glue System
LOT: (17) Boxes H.B Fuller & Techno Melt Hot Melt Adhesive, GLUE ONLY, NO CART
LOT: (15) Boxes BC Adhesives Hot Melt Adhesive
LOT: (12) Boxes Capital & BC Hot Melt Adhesive
Kepes Maverick Rotary Pick N Place High Speed Placing System w/Auto Loader (VALUE: $2,000.00)
2003 Heidelberg Stahl Folder Model 1-MWS-0-78 Continuous Feed Triple Shaft Perf/Store/Slitter, S/N FHEJAB-00010 w/SAK 78 Mobile Delivery
Stahl KC66/4-KZ-RF.2 Combination Continuous Feed Folder, S/N 44578-18601, w/SAK 66 Mobile Delivery
Stahl TF66/44-RF 26" Continuous Feed Folder, S/N 36661-152128 w/(8) Page & (16) Page Attachments & Mobile Delivery
Stahl 2.TF56/4KC Right Angle Folder Attachment, S/N 32371-130116
Stahl PS 46.2 Crusher Delivery, S/N 43435-179528
Stahl EF43 Knife Fold Unit, S/N 38517-154589
Fenimore Model 258 In-Line Punch, S/N 579
LOT: Kluge OmniFold Folder Gluer, S/N 9285 w/Kluge Friction Feeder & Tipping Plate & GMS Microglue HM25 (4) Head Glue System w/801 Control & GMS Model 14-202, (2) Head Glue System w/P250 Control, (4) Tape Applicator Heads & Kluge Stacker, and (3) Racks of Spare Parts
1994 Ga-Vehren MA 106 Product Attaching Line
Kluge UniFold Folder Gluer w/Vacuum Feeder Mail Table & Tipping Plate, Kluge Stacker Delivery, S/N 09092, SYSTEM NOT ON LINE
Right Angle Cross Carrier for Folder Gluer Lines
LOT: (2) Kepes Vacuum Mail Tables, DB24HD & B3 Interface Models
2006 Popp Series 092 Vacuum Conveyer Line
Heidelberg 3.MAD-66/(4) Right Angle Folder Attachment, S/N 704186
Heidelberg 2.HD/66, (6) Plate Folding Attachment w/Pre-Score & HHS Glue Filter, S/N 707021
LOT: (2) New Style Heidelberg Pnuematic Gate Fold Plates w/Controls
LOT: (2) TF Style Stahl Gate Fold Plates w/Controls
LOT: Steel Cabinet & Crate w/Assorted Folder Parts
2004 Polar 137XT-AT 54" Paper Cutter, S/N 7441239 w/Autotrim Dorner Inclined Waste Conveyor Backgauge Mounted Squeeze Roller Feature & Squeeze Rollers, 433,000 Total Cuts, (5) Extra Blades, (4) are Sharpened
2006 Polar RA-4 Paper Jogger w/Air Removal Roller, S/N 7682032
Polar LW-1000-4 Paper Lift, S/N 7072323
Polar 92 EMC 36" Paper Cutter, S/N 5511871
JBI Model KL-50 Paper Punch
2005 Bograma AG Cut & Punch Machine Type B5M 450/220/15 Plus, S/N 172/05, w/Parts & Accessories
2003 Iberica (KBA) TR105F Varioplan 41" Autoplaten Die Cutter w/Gripper Stripper Feature, Digital PLC Controls & Spare Parts/Accessories, S/N 2003, 26680 Hours Indicated
1999 Iberica (KBA) JRK105 Autoplaten Blanker Die Cutter w/Spare Parts & Accessories, S/N 1999198
LOT: 76" x 51" Die Make Ready Table & (2) Carts w/Quantity of Steel Rule-Creasing Matrix & Accessories
Heidelberg Stahl ST90 4-Pocket Saddle Stitcher w/Cover Feed, S/N 090MA0001
Acme Steel Book Stitcher, N3A-3/4, S/N 19065
Line: 2016 Eastey VSA1721-TKV1 Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Line w/Touchscreen Control & Clamco 7221 Shrink Tunnel, 8' Infeed Conveyor & Shrink Wrap & Accessories
Line: 2005 Texwrap Automatic Side Seal THFC10 Shrink Wrapper w/Lugged Infeed Conveyor-Texwrap T1233-2-01 Dual Chamber Shrink Tunnel & Powered Outfeed Conveyor
LOT: Large Quantity of Exlfilm Shrink Film, 20", 16", 14", 12" x 45-60-100 Gauge Type CF
Heat Seal HS115T Portable L-Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
Walco Label Base w/Domino K600: 4.25" Inkjet Heads & Phoseon UV Dryer, Kluge Friction Feeder, Editor GT Software
Video Jet Inkjet Addressing Line w/Videojet Crescendo Control & (2) BX6600 Print Heads
Line: Mail Table Line w/Stahl Feeder Videojet Printer, Kepes Vacuum Table & Lake Image Inspection System
LOT: (2) Cabinets w/Contents of Inkjet Parts & Supplies
LOT: (2) Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets w/Contents & Videojet Make Up Fluid & Blanket Wash
LOT: (2) Light Speed Inkjet Drying Systems
Sure-Feed ECO 1200PC Feeder
Straight Shooter Feeder
Express 3 Air Pouch Packing System
Multifeeder MFT350 IP3 Product Feeder on Cart, S/N 1606-09367
2021 Baldwin Guardian PQV Print Quality Verification Station for Offline Proofing, Mounted on Stream Feeder Vacuum Base Conveyor, w/V-1400IJ BW Systems Stream Feeder, Supermicro Computer
2BE Satellite Hi Resolution Scanner
LOT: (2) Control Techniques Unidrives
Pafra APC Cold Gluing System
Standard Paper Box Folder Gluer Line FC850, S/N 951-23, w/Spare 1050 Line & Spare Parts
2017 HP Scitex L11000 Wide Format LED UV 63" x 128" Color Printer w/Auto Feeder and Delivery, 6297 Hours Indicated, Installed (2018), Manufactured (12/2017), S/N IL4700G264, HP HDR245 Ink
2014 Mimaki JFX200-2513 Wide Format Flatbed LED UV Printer
Barbieri LFP53 Automatic Reflection, Transmission Spectro Photometer
2013 Mimaki JV33-160 Roll Fed UV Printer, S/N K837D648
2013 Mimaki JV33-160 Roll Fed UV Printer, S/N K837D 647
LOT: Printer Electronics on Shelves: Circuit Boards, Cables, O Rings, Plugset, HP Parts
2020 Southworth LST4-36W Portable 48" x 96" Hydraulic Scissor Lift, 4000 lb. Cap., Foot Control, PALLET OF PAPER PRODUCT NOT INCLUDED
2014 DYSS X7 Digital Cutting Table w/Super Head & Router Attachment, K-CUT Vision Registration System w/(8) Tool Heads, S/N 1630CKKC141201
2015 DYSS X5 Digital Cutting Table w/Multi Tool Head & (6) Tool Heads, S/N 1630CNKC150301
Keencut Steel Trak 82" Vertical Foam Core Board Cutter, WALL MOUNT
Keencut Table Top Evolution E2, 104" Wide Format Foam Core Board Cutter
2017 53" Shannon Model AFF735 Plastic Bending Machine
2000 Heidelberg CPC24 Scanner Console, S/N 80266, NOT IN SERVICE
US Paper Counters Shooter II Counter/Tabber
LOT: (18) 29" x 40" Jeco Paper Pallets
LOT: (30) 29" x 40" Jeco Paper Pallets
Omega Recycling Technologies Solvent Recovery Unit, Allen Bradley Panel View 600 Control
LOT: (3) 32" x 103" Mobile Board Harding Roller Tables
LOT: (3) 32" x 103" Mobile Board Harding Roller Tables
LOT: (2) 20" x 103" Mobile Board Harding Roller Tables
Miehle Vertical Letter Press
Heidelberg Windmill
X-Rite 710 L-Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
LOT: Hamilton Vintage Letter Press Make Ready Table w/Accessories
Rosback Auto-Stitcher
Baum Folder Model ND5A Hydraulic Paper Drill w/Accessories
Lassco Product Model 50 Corner Rounder
2000 Heidelberg Printmaster (2) Color Offset Press, Model QM46-2, S/N 961781
2001 Heidelberg Printmaster (2) Color Offset Press, Model QM46-2, S/N 963592
2001 Heidelberg Printmaster (2) Color Offset Press, Model QM46-2, S/N 963592 (Abandoned by original buyer)
Suspension Feeder Corp Strate Flo Feeder
Kodak NexPress 2100 Color Printer w/Nex Glosser
LOT: Large Quantity Kodak Printing Supplies, Inks, Imaging Cylinders, Blanket Cylinders, Cleaning Brushes, etc.
LOT: (4) Shelving Units w/Contents of Assorted Paper & Envelopes, etc.
NuArk LUT 40 Light Table
Horizontal Clipper, S/N 1047 Clipper-1
Canon Image Press C710 Printer
Canon Image Press C710 Printer
2006 Kodak Magnus 800 CTP w/Auto Plate Loader, AGFA Elantrix 125 DX & Polychrome 3200 Stacker
Seal 44 Ultra Plus Laminator, S/N 63068-080230
Epson Double Sided Proofer w/(2) Surecolor T7270 Proofers & Optimal Registration Cameras
Epson Sure Color T7270 Proofer
Epson Sure Color T7270 Proofer
Epson Sure Color P9000 Proofer
Mimaki CF-0912-2 Cutting Table Plotter Proofer
LOT: (3) Blueprint Cabinets
HP Indigo Press 5500 Digital, OFF LINE, AS IS
HP Indigo Press 5500 Digital, OFF LINE, AS IS (Abandoned by original buyer)
Helmold Light Table
Helmold Light Table
LOT: (2) Graphiclite D5000 Viewers
LOT: Epson Inks & Maintenance Boxes
LOT: (2) X-Rite Color Spectrophotometers
LOT: Apple Computers
Vintage 30" Peerless Perforator w/Stamp Style Die Punch
Heat Seal HS115 L-Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
Signode LBX2000 Plastic Strapping Machine
Signode LBX2000 Plastic Strapping Machine
LOT: (4) Rolls of Nylon Strapping on Pallet
Samuel SP-4 Strapping Machine
LOT: (10) Sections Steel King Pushback Racking (4) Pallets Deep (2) Tier Rolling Racks, 8' height, 102' width per section, 198" total depth
LOT: (4) Sections Steel King Pushback Racking (3) Pallets Deep (2) Tier Rolling Racks, 8' height, 102" width per section, 150" total depth
Highlight Industries Predator XS Power Pre-Stretch Automatic Pallet Wrapper, 65" diameter Turntable
Weigh-Tronix 4' x 4' Floor Scale w/Dual Weigh-Tronix DRO's
Selco V5-HD Vertical Hydraulic Baler Ton Mounted Hydraulics, S/N 079966878
2008 CAT NRR45 36 Volt Electric Narrow Aisle Forklift w/Charger, 4500 lb. Lift Capacity, Side Shift/Reach Out, S/N 2GL01285, Onboard Scale, 2-Stage Mast
CAT EP20T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift 36-Volt w/Charger, 3400 lb. Lift Capacity, Triple Mast, Side Shift, S/N 6MM01568/B12226B, DELAYED REMOVAL, CONTACT SITE MANAGER
2007 Ford E250 Super Duty Cargo Van, VIN 1FTNE24W67DA34688, 161,000 Miles Indicated
LOT: Huge Quantity of Foam Core Board, Corrugated Board & Sheets, Canvas, Styrenel, Paper Material - BUYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO INSPECT
Hyster W40XL 4000 lb. Walk Behind Electric Pallet Jack, NEEDS PLUG
LOT: (2) Repairable Nissan EWPN45 Electric Walk Behind Pallet Jacks, 4500 lb. cap., AS, IS
NEW 4' x 4' Salter Brecknell Floor Scale, No DRO
Greenbeck Roof Vent, NEW IN BOX
LOT: Contents of Room: (3) Steel Cabinets, Desk, Table, File Cabinet
6' Rolling Safety Ladder
5' U-Line Rolling Safety Stair
Dongan 30 KVA Transformer
Techkon D-61462 Spectro Densitometer
LOT: (2) Habasit PT 100/6 Hot Presses
Weigh-Tronix PC902 Digital Counting Scale
LOT: (1) Drum Sander, (1) Flexible Shaft Grinder
LOT: (1) Sawzall, (1) Power Plane, (1) Torque Wrench
LOT: Grinder, Heat & Soldering Guns, Carton, Stapler, Electric Drills
LOT: Contents of Office: Steel Cabinets, (2) Desks, File Cabinets, Assorted Hand Tools, Safety Supplies, Shipping Supplies
LOT: Contents of Maintenance Room: Misc. Hand Tools, Hose, Saw Blades, Blower, etc.
50" x 50" Electric Hydraulic Pallet Lifter w/Entrance & Exit Ramps
Muller 2201 Automatic Pallet Wrapper
LOT: Contents of Room: (2) Ice Lights, (2) Rolling Steel Storage Cages, Building Supplies, Shop Cart, etc.
LOT: (2) Curtis Hardware Cabinets w/Contents
LOT: (1) Ridgid 14" Cut Off Saw, (1) Ryobi Grinder, (2) Bench Top Double End Grinder
LOT: (3) Impulse Sealers
LOT: (3) Tape Shooters
Lawn Boy 8 HP Snow Blower
Toro 721R Power Clear Snow Thrower
Toro CCR1000 Snow Thrower
Agri-Fab Salt Spreader
LOT: Yard Machines Lawn Mower, Toro Hedge Trimmer & Weed Wacker
LOT: Remaining Contents of Room (excluding tagged items): Shelving Units w/Wire Building Supplies, Plumbing Parts, Hardware, Folding Tables, Carts, Microwave, Mini Fridge, etc.
LOT: Contents of (7) Perimeter 1st Floor Offices: Packing & Shipping Supplies, Desks, Tables, Printers, etc.
Lexmark C790 Series Printer, NEW IN BOX
Lexmark CS923 Printer
Lexmark C950 DE Printer
Lexmark C792E Printer
LOT: Contents of Main Room (excluding printers): Large Quantity Lexmark Printing Supplies, Poly Bags, Shipping Supplies, Remo One Supplies, Twin Stick Supplies, etc.
LOT: Variety of Lexmark Toner
LOT: Drill Press, Doubleend Grinder, Vise
LOT: Contents of (7) 2nd Floor Offices: Assorted Desks, Chairs, Bookcases, Tables, File Cabinets
LOT: Contents of (2) Rooms: Coffemaker, Fridge, Microwave, Table, Convection Oven, Couch, Chairs (NOTHING ATTACHED TO WALLS)
LOT: Contents of Conference Room & Reception Area: 12' x 4' Conference Table & (10) Chairs, (4) Glass Tables, (3) Leather Chairs, (NOTHING ATTACHED TO WALLS)
LOT: Contents of (8) Offices: Photography Equipment, Desks, Chairs, File Cabinets, Tables, etc.
Fire Cabinet
Foremans Desk
10 ft. Conveyor
LOT: (20) Lockers
Foremans Desk
Barrel Dolly
LOT: Contents of Office: Desk, Chair, File Cabinet, Viewing Station
LOT: Contents of Office: Shelving, Electronic Racks Station
Filing Cabinet
LOT: (11) Sections of Shelving
Table w/Canon Toner
LOT: Small Pallets, (approx. 200) Wooden Tables
Barrel Cart/Dolly
Tool Box w/Tools
LOT: (2) File Cabinets
Pedistal Fan
Craftsman Table Saw
5-Step Rolling Stairs
Hand Cart
Steel Banding Cart w/Tools
Nylon Banding Cart w/Portable Electric Bander & (2) Batteries & Charger
10 ft. H x 8 ft. W x 45 in. D wire Mesh Shelves

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