Galesburg Castings, Inc.

Auction starts: September 1, 2020 at 12:00 AM CDT
Galesburg, IL


LOT: Inductotherm Induction Melting System, VIP Dual Trak, 2000 Kw, 300 Hz, with (2) 4-Ton Steel Shell Furnaces, Bus Bars, Power Cables, Hydraulic Pump, Pivot Style Charge Feeder, Transformer Some Spares, Used Coil, Original Books and Drawings (No Cooling Tower)
Heraeus Sensory Lab Foundry Thermal Analysis, S/N 13180086, New Year 2017
Heraeus Electronite Digital Temp Readout, Model LD-MD-100, S/N DMD20171001, New 2007
Torit Donaldson Dust Collector, Pulse Baghouse, Model 81MB770, S/N 12146367L1-With 25HP Blower, Starter Panel, 7000 CFM Rating
LOT: Simpson Sand Muller, Model 215-G Multumull, Continuous, Dust Hood, Heavy Duty Gear Boxes
Hartley Automatic Bond Determinator, Model 17Mk2, S/N 17Mk2-195, Allen Bradley PLC
Muller Discharge Belt, 24 in. Wide x 67 in. Long
Muller Return Tank, Approximately 60 Tons
Return Sand Bucket Elevator, 24 in x 24 in. x 50 ft. Height
Sand Muller Bucket Elevator, 24 in. x 24 in. x 20 ft. Height
Sand Belt Under Tank, 24 in. x 16 ft. Long
Vibranetics Live Bottom, Model BD8, S/N BD-7500, 8 ft. Diameter
Beardsley and Piper Automatic Molding Machine, Model BSM-2016, With PLC, 16in. x 20 in.
Summit Mold Handling line, Fits 16 in. x 20 in., S/N 384, New Year 2000, Pouring Zone 20 Molds, 60 Cars
Beardsley and Piper Feed Belt with Aerator, 24 in. x 20 ft. Long
Osborn Molding Machine, 3191 with Pattern Handler, 3191-12R, S/N 14627-55, Dump with Line
Hunter Automatic Molding Machine, Model HMP-20C, S/N A89D1024, 20 in x 24 in. Deep Flask
Summit Mold Handling Line, Fits 20 x 24, S/N 767, Year 2013, 60 Molds Per Hour, 9 Mold Pouring Zone, 63 Cars, Cooling stations 109, 55 Weights and Jackets
Carrier Mold Dump off 16x20 Line, HH1-18/2490F, S/N 25123, 18/24 in. x 90 ft. Long, Inclined
Carrier Mold Dump off 20x24 Line, XHC-24102C, S/N 28180, 24/30 in. x 90 ft. Long, Inclined
Didion Media Drum, Model MD-50 MK5, S/N DM709, New 2009
Carrier Mold Dump, Feeds Didion, HR2480, S/N 19890, 24/36 in. x 80 ft. Long
Carrier Sorting Conveyor off Didion, HR3030F, S/N 19891, 46 in. x 10 ft. Long
Linde Forklift, Diesel, H300D, S/N H2X393H01331, 6000 Lb
Tecoologe Industrial Hydraylic Gate Breaker/Wedge, Model 1887, S/N 3367-05, Year 2005
Tabor Table Cut Off Saw, Model CAF, S/N 31672, 15 HP
Tabor Table Cut Off Saw, Model CR25, S/N A-24-SEB-04, 25 HP
Fox Grinder, Model 2303LR, S/N 7935832, 30 in., 25 HP, Safety Trap
Fox Grinder, Model 2303LR, S/N 1935754, 30 in., 25 HP, Safety Trap
Setco Grinder, Double End, 30 in. x 2, 25HP , Safety Trap
Fox Grinder, Model F100013625, S/N 47599, 30 in., 25 HP
Pangborn Rotoblast Machine, Model 15GNM, 15 Cu Ft, Manganese Belt, S/N 15GN-6712 With Floor Loader
Wheelabrator Tumblast Machine, Model 14 SUPER II, S/N A130116, Loader Outside not Installed
Torit Dust Collector, 12 Cartridges, Control Panel, 30 HP Blower, Spark Arrestor
Linde Electric Forklift, Model E20, S/N A1X346H00117, With Batter Charger, 4000 Lb
Misc. Air Tools
Torit Dust Collector, Downflo 2, S/N IG549407-001, 9 Cartridges, 25 HP Blower
Dings Cross Belt Magnet, With Panel
Summit Return Sand Cooling Belt with Pekay Cool Aerator and Spray Cool, with PLC 24 in. x 108 ft. Long
Feed Belt for Hunter, with Pekay Aerator, 24 in. x 26 ft. Long
Feed Belt for Osborn Rotolift, with Pekay Aerator, 24 in. x 50 ft. Long
Chester Electric Hoist for Melt Charge system, Model 4ELM-51, S/N ELM-2045-5
Yale Electric Ladle hoist, Model CEW5X24LG1092, S/N 04E24K496
Modern hydraulic Pouring Device, 2000 Lb
Gantry Crane Electric Hoist Pouring Rail
LOT: Roberts Sinto Scc-90a Core Center, S/N Rs3530, With Tinker 125 Lb Per Minute Mixer, Electric Sand Heater, Wes Gas Generator, Scrubber, Whirl Air Flow Weigh System Scc 90-A Core Center Specifications: Capacity: Single Blow- 90 Pounds- Core Or Mold Double Blow- 130 Pounds-� Core Or Mold Vertical Horizontal Core Box Mounting Area (Inches) 23 � In. Hi X 27 In. Deep 24 In. Hi X 27 In. Deep Maximum Width Of Core Box 18 In. (9 In./9 In.) 27 In. Maximum Depth Of Core Box 27 In. 27 In. Maximum Weight Of Core Box 440 Lbs. � Total(Vacuum)1650 Lbs. - Total 1650 Lbs. � Total (Bolted) Maximum Core Box Height 24 In. 30.625 In. Daylight Maximum Opening Of Platens 45 In. N/A Minimum Opening Of Platens 8 In. N/A Maximum Blow Area 16 In. X 25 In. 22 In. X 25 In. Travel Of Mandrel Table 39 In. 39 In. Sand Hopper Capacity 180 Lbs. 180 Lbs. Dry Cycle Time, Less Than 25 Seconds 25 Seconds
Redford Shell Core Machine, HP43
Redford Shell Core Machine, Model HS-22RA, S/N HS22RA-179-354
Redford Shell Core Machine, Model HP43A, S/N 165541
Redford Shell Core Machine, Model HP44A, S/N HP44A-566-155
International Van Truck, 4300 SBA 4 x 2, VIN: 1HTMMAAL98H643841
Redford Shell Core Machine, Model HP43B
Wheelabrator Tumblast, 14 SUPER II, S/N A133372, Not Installed, Manganese Flights
Palmer Sand Mixer, M-50, S/N M142, 2 Pumps, Control Panel, Hopper
Carver Core Sand Mixer, S Blade, 600 Lb Capacity
New Sand Hopper for Carver Mixer
Dependable Shell Core Machine, Model 100-M, With Backboard Panel
Dependable Shell Core Machine, Model 100-M, With Backboard Panel
Beardsley and Piper Shell Core Machine, Model SF6-CA, S/N CSC-6-505-6607, Hopper, Enclosure
Redford Cold Box Core Machine, Converted HS22, Gaylord Gasser, Enclosure, Gas

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