Granny's Antiques & Vintage Fineries 12-2-18 Auction

Auction starts: December 2, 2018 at 01:00 PM EST , Closing begins: December 2, 2018 at 08:00 PM EST
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Starts: December 2, 2018 at 10:00 AM EST , Ends: December 2, 2018 at 01:00 PM EST
Clearwater, FL
Auction Type: Live


dog & bull w/ Venetian art glass tag - both 8 1/2" tall
baby thumbprint optic, pitcher and 6 tumblers
11"  Rib optic with flared lip and pedestal foot vase, 6 1/4" panel optic with diamond point and rayed band, Mt Washington 2" Vaseline opaline tri lip pitcher, and 4"x6" opalescent carnival/ iridized low 6 ruffle compote with Art Nouveau floral pillar optic
Rib optic conical bowl with portrait of genteel lady in feathered hat, hand jeweled vine and berry all over decoration, blown hollow stem with ball connector and  applied glass prunts
5 drawer base with carved fan on center drawer, raised on Queen Anne Legs with pad feet, 6drawer top chest with broken pediment crest. circa 1975
11 large pieces incl. 15" and 16' white, 10"x15" pink, 10" gey,12" dyed purple antler form, 7"x10" , 7" , 6"x16" and varied smaller specimens
beveled glass doors with wood fretwork and pierced carving, raised on claw feet, glass side lights, dome top, two drawer bottom stoage. with door key
30" drop with snowflake crystal flared top ring, draped crystal cone and bowl shape base with double layer of snowfake rim and 6 tiers of round facet cut crystals - Best if dis-assembled before removing from premesis. 8 extra replacement crystals are in the office
stone overlay & hand painted lotus blossom
Bottom storage and 2 glass shelves, with light
"Quality Control I & II", 38/950 & A/P - sight: 17 3/4" square, frame size: 34" square
by Jewish cartoonist Martin Holt w/ MH stamp, Special Edition #164/300, sight size: 29 1/2"x17 1/2", frame size: 25 1/2"x30 1/2"
signed Fitch, attributed to John Lee Fitch (1836-1895)  actual size: 21 3/4"x16 1/4", frame sizer: 25"x19"
puffy heart charm bracelet, gemstone bracelet, turquoise Native American ring, cuff bracelets, linked ring necklace, earrings, & more - contents only
cross, heart, pearl, angel, heart locket engraved mom, & jade pendant (3.5 Dwt. excluding jade pendant)
carnelian 10K gold ring, size 10 (5.9 Dwt. incl. stone) & carnelian horn w/ 14K gold mount
pr. filagree earrings & black onyx w/ seed pearl posts, size 6 1/2  filagree heart ring, & size 5 1/2 ruby & diamond ring (8.0 Dwt. total incl. stones)
1890-O & 1899-O Morgan , & 1922-S Peace Dollars
Canada (1907 & 1943 25 cents; 2 no date, 1908, 1924, 1928, 1944 &1949 10 cents; 1888 5 cents) Great Britain (1942 Half Crown; 1840, 1890 & 1943 Six Pence), Cuba Veinte Centavos 1948, Panama 1953 Cuarto Balboa, Philippines 1944-D 20 Centavos, Mexico 1950 1 Peso, Italy 1927 5 Lira, Venezuela 1945 Bolivar & 1954 50 centimos, & no date US dimes 
1878, 2 1881, 1883, 1886, 2 1887, 1888, 3 1889, 3 1890, 2 1891, 1892, 3 1893, 4 1896, 5 1897, 2 1898, 1899, 5 1900, 3 1901, 4 1902, 1903 , 1904, 6 1905, 3 1906 & 5 1907 & 1908
9-Swarovski (penguin, mouse, cat, 3 buildings, 2 trees, and sea shell ammonite), unknown dog, 2 rhinos, and 3 lamp work animals (bunny, elephant, & dog)  (some small chips on Swarovski) - contents only
Britain's Horse and rider wth original metal tab export tab and 10 mounted band figures on dappled white steeds dressed in black with gold accents - great form, no visible makers mark - contents only
1855 The Merchants Bank Fove Dollars, 1854 Merchants Exchange Bank Two Dollars, Bank of Washtenaw and 1857 Bank of Tekama One Dollar
408-6", brown/ tan glaze - well designed American Art Pottery
Dept. of Conservation - Pennsylvania Residence fishing license 1946,'48, '53, '55, '57, to 1958, + 1974, New York Residence special deer license 1935, '38, & '39 & 1 1936 hunting trapping & fishing license, New Jersey 1972  1940 Resident clamming license, Eastern Counties Protective Assoc. of Pennsylvania- contents only
cloisonne trinket box, bell, match holder w/ matching ashtray, porcelain enameled teapots & vases, eggs, & more - contents only
12 inch X 24 inch bronze plaque for Harry H. Morgan DVM Veterinarian.
art glass, turquoise, cinnebar, lucite, millefiori, crystal, faux pearl, etc. - contents only
DC Superman No 166, 167 & 168, Action Comics Superman  No 312, Adventure Comics W/ Superboy 320, Mad Magazines (#94, 95, 96, 98, 104, 109, 138, 6th, 7th and 9th Annual Editions (1961-1967), Dell 15 cents The Aquanauts & Rocky and and his friends,10 Cents Chilly Whilly,  Looney Tunes,12 Cent Gold Key The Twilight Zone, 3 The Jetsons, 10 Cent Harvey Comics Little Dot, Spooky, Playful Little Audry,12 cent  Archie Series Laugh 
Cold Water Creek & Alex & Ani new in boxes, statement, art glass & crystal necklaces, turquoise, Staffordshire enameled box, beaded purses, & more - all just in time for Christmas Presents
Othello Jak in The Box 1830 playbill, 60's theme concert posters, 1913 calendar, postcards and vintage advertising pamphlets and much more
Chefs D'Oeuvre L'Exposition Universelle, Paris 1889 (Masterpieces of the Paris Universal Exposition, 1889) by William Walton, published by George Barrie, Philadelphia - leather binding as is
Complete except for small silver add on, has instructions and booklet, box torn end and front image, but remaining box color and form is good Also Decepticon Soundwave with golden Condor cassette, Wheeljack and Mirage Autobots 
Chico's, watches, Cookie Lee, statement necklaces, rhinestone, enamel, etc. - contents only
rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins,etc. - contents only
Golden Eagle HO Gauge train set, Super 100 Pro Racing and 1983 U -Turn Chase #6212 slot car/ racing sets
watches, Betsy Johnson jewelry, Disney pins, 8mm cartoons, hand crafted jewelry, cufflinks, medals, fraternal pins, cedar box, & much much more - contents only
statement necklaces, rhinestone earrings, pins, bracelets, rings, etc. - contents only
fresh water pearls, elephant & peacock rhinestone bracelets, Egyptian style collars, front & back draped beaded necklace, beaded belts, etc. - contents only
Santa Fe 623 diesel switcher  locomotive engine (1952-1954), Lionel Scout tender, Sunoco 1005 tanker,1002 gondola car, Baby Ruth X-1004 box car,  & 1007 caboose, Multi-Control "Trainmaster" transformer, 2 stations, gate and crossing signs, plus various track and switch plates
most unopened, new in boxes -13 Little Gems (2 Down the Chimney, 4 Ringing in the Holidays, 2 Pint Size Santa, 2 Cooking-Cracker, 2 Little Miss Angels & Now Dash Away)) 5 med size (Santa Pipe, Jolly Ringer, Country Club Claus & 2 On The Green), large Hop On Top ornaments, 2 sets of 4 Cocktail Forks and Mr & Mrs Snowman snow globe with boxes - contents only
B. David necklace & earring suite, faux pearl & sterling bead necklace, art glass, Napier, seed pearl, Stella & Dot, watches, etc. - contents only
US Postal Society Albums of state quarters with full page of photos and description regarding statehood and the coin, each with uncirculated quarters from both Philadelphia and Denver mints (Plus bonus 1978 $2 bill in front cover sheet)
Christmas, Monet, faux pearl, coral, rhinestone, etc. - contents only
3 WWII Czech Army paratrooper & US Kevlar Combat Balistic
3.75" Star Wars 1977 Darth Vader, 1978 Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Stormtrooper, 2 Greedos, Walrus Man, Hammerhead & Death Star Droid, 1981 Cloud Sky Pilot, 1982 General Ackbar, 4-LOM/ Zuckuss, 1983 Chief Chirpa, 1979 Disney's The Black Hole  V.I.N.Cent robot, Buddy L Van, 5" plastic Sci-Fi figures, 1979 Mattel green Suckerman Monster and more
2-Barockmeister recorders 1-C-Soprano # 1950/DHB, 1-F-Alto #1951/DHB, 1- Baroque fingering A:440 with dbl hole C-Tenor #1822KDHB 25 year Pearwood
Album of Military Police in Korea and much more in decorative period album
rare 1930's  composition Donald Duck spring toy in great condition, Uncle Sam tin bank, Viewmaster w/ reels, & more
Monet, Avon, Sarah, etc. - contents only
seed pearl necklace & bracelet, Main Line Time watch, Christmas pins, Laguna, rhinestone, & more - contents only
music sheets, vintage magazines, photo albums, signed photos, & more - contents only
Penn deep sea #149 & peer #209 in box, Martin model 48 in box, Olympic Wave Star,  Cisco Kid lure, & more
40+ Stereo view cards of famous places, japan with soldiers, photo and  colorized, etc; Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Littlest Angel, Babaar's Games Pop-Up book, The History of Tom Thumb, Robinson Crusoe, Four Little Bunnies, Four Little Puppies, Can I Bring a Friend? and more children's books - contents only
Made in Cecho-Slowakia with Bow and hard case
Various HO Gauge Train cars and locomotive engines, track , Tyco Loading & Unloading Sets, Crossing Gate in boxes, houses and accessories plus vintage die cast model cars, trucks including Tootsie Toy, Corgi Zymex, Winross, Dinky and more
vintage license plates, rosaries, Westclocx kitchen clock, tin wall thermometer, belt buckless, watch parts, spectacles, & much more - contents only
Tin Litho Tick & Tack The Tumbling Two w/ orig. box (some tears in box)
Czech crystal necklace, Vendome, Kreisler, Weiss, C.H., David B. bakelite, Christmas pins, vintage Smurf, gold filled cameo, & much more - contents only
Paris France, # 72805 with original hard case, Frank L. Kaspar  Ann Harbor Mich. Mouth Pc. , Bb-CL D. Bonade Reed Clamp.
Greentown chocolate slag Leaf Bracket cruet, purple slag Birds on Nest mug, Bohemain malachite glass embossed butterflies cabinet vase, NYC Vogue orange slag urn form toothpick, green slag pitcher with pressed thumbprints and yellow green translucent hobnail jug 
misc die-cast trucks of yesteryear, Polaroid camera  and SNS binoculars with cases, microphone, friction fire engine train, trolley car, cigarette case, as is toys and more
hand crafted by Norman Greene - contents only
Bobeches, draped prisms and more - contents only
1:24 scale Franklin Mint & Danbury Mint US cars incl. muscle, Cadillac, etc.(some with minor issues), Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, & more  - contents only
Westinghouse & Hall refrig. dishes. perfume bottles, cloisonne vases, copper teapots, silver plate flatware sets, Cincinnati Reds coat, porcelain tea cups & saucers, vintage clothes, & much more - contents only
#779 w/ orig. painted case & American Optical Co. AO Co. 79
beater, blade & dough hook attachments, 2 pc splatter guard
leather yoke, wood yoke cane holder & brass bugle
1 is a V & 1 Ever Hot gas fired branding iron
Hasbro GI Joe Billy Yank of the Potomac 1864 ca 2000 & Sideshow Collectibles "Brotherhood of Arms" Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, ca 2002, both in never opened boxes
most travel incl. New York City, France & Germany
24 inch X 20 inch oil on canvas, 32"x 28" gold gilt frame, signed lower right.
Lance Lindsay Stone Manor Lighting "Star Lily Opal" outdoor lighting - bronze bases w/ stained glass shades & outdoor electrical box
Lance Lindsay Stone Manor Lighting "Tiffany Amber Opal" outdoor lights - bronze stems w/ stained glass shades plus outdoor electrical box-each Light consist fo open flower and 2 mood flower buds
13" diameter - brand new still in orig. boxes
"Shaking Out" #49/200 - Great stylized image of circular movement of a dancer stretching out - sight size: 19"x25", frame size: 27 1/4"x33 1/4"
w/ top & bottom shelves & drawer
Great form looking slightly left Taxidermy- Approx 42"  depth, 40" tall and 32" Wide - good condition and expression
on wheels - 34"tall x 28" deep x 48" wide
in great condition
Great condition, unknown signatures
boy w/ lantern & girl w/ umbrella - both with Van Pelt Art Galleries, Beverly Hills, Chicago - frame size - 16"x12"
Reading of the Cards, actual size: 14"x18", frame size: 19 1/2"x23 1/2"
13" Designer Gallery "Reflection" (no box)
Deep purple iridescence with white threading and piecrust ruffle lip
Fenton marigold  Persian Medallion, small Holly, and large Iris, green Imperial Scroll Embossed
Fenton ind. cream and sugar and 1960s Dewdrop covered eight lobe bowl, Imperial Dew Drop butter, & ind. berry bowl with fan rim
18" chain - both chain & pendant are 14K (0.5 Dwt. chain only)
cuff bracelet & modernist linked necklace with carved black onyx -  (3.79 troy oz. both pcs. incl. stones)
X's & O's cuff bracelet & heart link w/ blue glass inlay - (2.63 troy oz. both pcs.)
beautiful inlay design in sterling silver mounts (1.92 troy oz.)
2 - 14K gold ladies watches (as is), pearls w/ 14K gold clasp, sterling silver incl.  charm bracelet, rings, finger coin locket, religious medals, & earrings, signed jewelry incl. Vendome, Trifari Pat. Pending, Avon, Coro, KC, etc. - contents only
1863 Confederate Two Dollars Macon Savings, 1861 Farmers Bank of Virginia One Dollar and Sept 1862 State of North Carolina One Dollar
pr of Shreve, Crump & Low Co salt & peppers, Depasse Mg Co pierced and lined lidded casket and 8 varied collector spoons (9.78 troy oz)
pr. of hand, set of hand & feet, & pr. of Mattatuck leg irons from the Indian Police on the Pine Ridge Indian Reserve in South Dakota (locking mechanism not working)
WDCC 1993 Collecotr's Society Brave Little Tailor, Winnie The Pooh, Lady & The Tramp figurines, Peter & The Wolf ornament, & 5 film roll Opening Title figurines (Bambi, Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Puppy Love, & Jungle Book)- contents only (original boxes under front table)
candelabra, pr. candlesticks & salt & pepper, & weighted compote
basket form covered dish, Indianapolis In God We Trust ACGA (American Glass Association) 1970 Convention souvenir vase and butterfly figurine
3 Royal Doultons (Lobster Man D6617, Williamsburg Night Watchman D6569 & Beefeater D6206) and Staffordshire "Cavalier"
Waterford (hurricane candle w/ brass base w/ box & votive candle w/ box) & Galway hurricane
great diverse collections of over 100 arrowheads and other archaic stone adn bone points found throughout Florida, artfully mounted in 39"x29"  frame
27"x14" in green and orange geometric forms
by Hudson Saddle Shops, Ft. Pierce 
w/ 14" fringe - beautiful condition
2 natural brown mink, black lambs wool, & white angora - all in great condition
all in various states of condition
cream & natural brown - both in very good condition - brown has some very minor fading on lining
great Danish Modern style w/ cylinder shades  
girl doll s/ silk kimono, gofun glass eyes, human hair & 5 human hair wig styles in original box. Hina Dolls on original stands
13" dome top Adams & Co. Apollo compote with bellflower cutting ca 1886, 8.5" Riverside No. 4 "Grasshopper without Insect" covered 3 footed bowl ca 1883 and Imperial Fashion 5.5"x12.5" cake stand (Impressed "IG" Mark)
4 1/2" - 12 1/2", light slip glaze/ moriage accents
14"x15", open footed garden urn with moss green wash over light tan natural clay body, embossed flower panels and reeded band
Imperial Candlewick plates, bowls, cups and saucers, Anchor Hocking goblets, tumblers, brandy snifter centerpiece and more
Raised dragon motif with double teapot cream and sugar sets, 4 cups and extra saucers, go along plates and censers & more
5 Waters, 1 Wine, 1 Claret, 6 Cherries and 7 Cordials
pitcher & 4 tumblers,art glass bowl & 5 goblets
Natural horn with carver rune and Norse god figures around the rim
Judd Edwardian basket of flowers #1259 & southern belle
10" Cambridge Shell, 8" Shasta Daisy body with lattice band rim & 8" Satin oval with deep floral embossed cut glass type pattern
3 Art Deco style statues by Lunares & 5 chrome stars
with color beaded bulb cover and swag chain
beautiful working condition by Creators, Inc Chicago, IL
3 nesting dolls, 3 eggs & 1 collections box
Santa Cookie Jar and Tray, Holly and Ribbon Bowls, Platters, Cream and Sugar, Halloween tray and more
2 Lismore square votives with candles and 2 pr place card holders (all with boxes), 5" and 4.5"  Tulip "Thank You" rose bowls and 2 4.25" Glenmede double old fashioned tumblers - contents only
5"x 9.5" Daisy and Button Queen Cake Stand and 7.5"x8" Katy Laced Edge compote
22" tall, #390 w/ open mouth w/ teeth & sleepy eyes on jointed composition body
Listed Artist (b 1939 Netherlands, Active North Dakota/ California) striking Images with distinctive eyes - 21.5"x27.5" site, matted under glass in 29"x35" frame
Listed Artist (b 1939 Netherlands, Active North Dakota/ California) Striking Images with distinctive eyes - COA  w/ $4,800 appraisal -  24"x30" matted under glass in 29"x35" frame
Kannon & Arhat theme matched vases, urns and 2 sitting buddhas, 3" - 6 1/2"
key in office, center dial alarm.
Spoked wheel design back with paneled cushion upholstery and carved crest accents
9.5" footed flowing Cylindrical vase with white crested herons and  ornate gold decoration - base signed Moser Karlsbad
9" Aesthetic Movement metal caged cranberry IVT bowl & Lid & 7"  Reverse  Swirl pink spatter pitcher
8" double pistol display (pistol novelties on font from Westmoreland mold), 7" tomahawk and 3" tall Clark's Teaberry Gum counter top display
pr. weighted candlesticks & Art Nouveau rose bud vase, .950 Asian o'dourves forks in orig. presentation box, sterling handled & .800 serving tongs, Kirk & Son Repousse carving set, The Stieff & Co. Rose pie server, & more - contents only
(1900-1996 French listed Artist) woman prtrait, pencil signed & numbered #32/100, sight size: 19 1/4"x15 1/2", frame size: 31 1/4"x25 3/4"
on canvas, artist unknown, actual size: 20"x24", frame size: 26 1/4"x30 1/2"
sight size: 20"x16", frame size: 24 1/4"x20 1/4"
abstract vase of flowers, signed VAS, sight size: 23 1/2"x19 1/2", frame size: 28 1/4"x24 1/4"
signed Burnett, with Sacre Coeur in background - actual size: 20"x24", frame size: 23 1/2"x27 1/2"
(1924-2017 Florida Watercolorist and teacher), watercolor on paper,  Southwestern Mesa landscape with Pueblo - sight size: 10 1/4"x14 1/4", frame size: 19 1/2"x23 3/4"
unknown signatures, #281/380 sight size: 27 1/2"x17 1/2", frame size: 34 3/4"x27 1/2"
blooming tree w/ birds, ink signed, on paper (sight size: 16"x24", frame size: 26"x34") & bamboo & birds on cork paper (sight size: 23 1/2"x19 1/2", frame size: 32"x28")
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - canvas size: 16"x20", frame size: 21 1/2"x25 1/2"
A Daisy and Button with Panels pattern variety with pointed trim and 3 lobe form - master berry and 3 individuals, 1 medium bowl
11" bud vase, 11" basket, Fenton 1 lb candy jar, and 6 " 6 ruffle hex foot compote
Venetian Glass Decanter and 5 cordials & Knight Decorated Bottle
Puzzle 2 handled footed bon bon with Floral and Wheat exterior, Leaf Rays handled Nappy, Stork & Rushes and Vintage Banded mugs and Grapevine Lattice 7" plate
pearl & diamond pendant on chain w/ matching earrings, pr. of amethyst tear drop earrings, hoop earrings, &  size 6 3/4 ring
17 jewels #780 w/ 14K Bulova watch band - working - (8.1 Dwt. w/ glass and without mechanism)
opal & garnet w/ diamond accent - both size 6.5 - (2.2 Dwt. total incl. stones)
whimsical charms, toe rings, bracelets, ear cuffs, etc. by Norman Greene - contents only
hoops, shells, hammered w/ aquamarine stone, sand dollar, & wreath shape - (4.8 Dwt. all 5 incl. stones)
(1853-1888) 18 inch X 12 inch watercolor on paper. signed and dated lower right "George Allen Rudd Rome NY 1878".  He was a passenger aboard the SS Britannic when it collided with the SS Celtic in May of 1887 and his sketches of the events were circulated throughout the world. matted under glass in 23"x17" mottled gold frame
Collectible Carson City mark, only 677,000 Minted
1922,  1923, 1923-S, & 1924
6" dark ground  cloisonne dragon vase, petite brass oil lamp with facet jewel accent domed shade with fringe, 2 sets of semi-precious stone grass and cloisonne inspired enamel ware cup - contents only
9" Amethyst Diamond Point and 8" Diamond Point Columns, 12" Marigold to clear diamond point columns, 7 1/2 " Tree Trunk and 6" 2 Handled hobstar amd diamond panel columns
black lacquer w/ MOP, music box, wood inlay w/ scenic lid, etc.
2" alphabet block, 3" teddy bear with block, 2 1/4" shoe and 6" 2000 baby bottle paperweights, 6" Nutcracker First Edition figurine and 12 misc Waterford clock inserts - contents only
glass feather tree garland, glass mini ornaments, felt stocking, blow mold santa's, salt & peppers, & much more
Unused original boxed decorative scent lamps in varied designs (3 are missing fragrance bottles)
hand stitched & quilted - (2 need repair & block pattern has stains)
2 Dooney & Bourke (1 w/ orig. box & bag), Lladro w/ orig. box, Whiting & Davis, beaded, & much more
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature, one with notes on verso - canvas size: 24"x20", frame size: 32"x27" - family estate
James L Montague (1906-1999) Known for Painting and as Art Center Director - Still life of vase of flowers with faux canvas textured background  24"x18" Masonite in 30"x24" frame
on Arches paper 25 1/4 inch X 19 1/2 inch sight. unknown addition
Nagel Commemorative #8 "Yellow Sweater" w/ COA from Mirage Editions, 1986 31.5"x23.5" sight, multi-matted under glass in 42.5"x34.5" frame
Portarits of George Friedric Handel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in matching Frames - Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - canvas size 18"x15", frame size 25 1/2"x22 1/2"
intricate filagree carving w/ wood inlay on each end panel (some minor issues) - perfect for displaying dolls
Japan friction Army truck with pressed steel construction and canvas cover and 2000 21st Century Toys plastic fighter plane
Black Americana folk art - 18 3/4" x 20 1/4" frame size
8.5" US Glass Nude  4 Panel frosted glass shade for accent table lamp, 8"x9" Console bowl with 3 draped nudes around base and 13" bronze clad statue of draped woman
Lenox Holiday china (17 salad/ cake and 12 bread plates, 2 Large cups and saucers, rimmed soup, oval and round serving bowls with special bonbon plate and candlestick, 2 swan bowls and novelty dish), Lenox Red & Green Holiday Toasting Gems flutes with box, 8 Gail Pittman hand painted 7 1/2" Holiday stems (signed Gail) with original boxes, Dept 56 Heritage Village lit Victoria Station and 10 Hallmark Novelty plug in  Christmas light ornaments
Gerald Harvey Jones (1933-12017) Known for Western Genre and romanticized street scenes of American Cities -1989  Lithograph, #3133/4178 from Somerset House Publishing,  museum mounting with multiple mats under glass in 38"x28.5" frame
restored by cutting from frame and mounting on canvas board and remounting on original 15"x20" frame, marked "Catskill Creek " on frame stretcher. Beautiful  19.5"x24.5" multi layer Victorian gilt frame with embossed flower and leaf bands separated by lemon gold gilt band
13 1/2 inch X  16 1/4 inch gouache on silk, matted in 23"x25" frame, seal mark  and signature  lower left
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature -canvas size: 21"x28", frame size: 28"x35" - family estate
For Hammer Galleries, 51 E 57th St, New York Show, Pencil Signed with faded inscription, Image of Painting from LeRoy Neiman's Book "Horses" published by Harry N Abrams, Inc - Simple silver tone 39"x26" frame
"A Difficult Task" black & white etching from the original painting by A Moradei, Etched by P Teyssonnieres, Copyright 1887 by Gebbie & Co (12"x17" paper size, floating mount in  17.5"x21.25" frame) and "A Reverie" by Frank Dickson RA, reproduced from original 1905 by The Fine Arts Publishing Company, London (16"x20.5" sight, 26"x30" frame)
"Falling Man" 25 7/8 X 23/38 inches poster for recent sculpture Hayden Gallery MIT Mass 1967 original poster
mounted on wood plaque working w/ key
23" Bamileke Cameroon monkey with old worn red patina, soft rubbed tones and signs of use and 32" with worn paint and square eyes, attrib to Dogon Crocodile form
signed Chareon- average  sight: 13 1/2"x10 1/2"
Bound Magazines incl. Harpers New Monthly Vol 83 & 84 1891-1894 and Vol 94 & 95 1896-1897, Harpers Vol 82, 88,91, 93,96, 98 from the 1890s The Century Illustrated Monthly Vol XXXV Nov 1887-Apr 1888, The Galaxy Vol VI July 1868- Jan 1896  & VIIJuly 1899-Jan 1870 "Cheerios Book of Days No 2700 Authors Edition inscribed and Autoraphed, Rebels and Yankees, Fighting Men of The Civil War, The Illustrated history of the Civlil War - Richard Humble, Frederick zremingtons own West by Harold McCracken
3 - 11" & 18" figures, ornament w/ orig. box & 3 glitter trees
Duncan Sylvan and Murano leaf form trays with opalescent fish vase
Pitcher, trays, salt and peppers, similar pattern teapots and more
10" brass Krishna, 8 1/2" cast aluminum 1977 Lenin statue (Singed in yiryllic on  back) and "V. I. Lenin - Marx Engels Marxism" 5th Ed Moscow 1953 Foreign Languages Publishing House book, 9" Metal finish Esco chalk girl & 5 1/2" antique bronze cherub with horn plaque
18" cranberry frosted leaf design by Fire Ranch Glass Works, Tuscon, AZ
Rose Sprig paneled bowl with domed foot by Campbell, Jones & Co 1886 & and Daisy and button oblong tray with rolled edges
Sunset Red Octagon 8" pitcher and 4.5" creamer, Imperial Marigold 10" Hobstar fruit bowl and stand,10"  Scroll and Flowers flared lip vase and Fenton Red Carnival 3" open rim basket weave novelty bowl
13 original 1982 figures by Mattel, many with armor and weapons including He-Man and Battle Cat, Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Stratos, Zoar (bird form of The Sorceress) with perch, Evil Lyn, Ram Man with spring lock legs, Mekaneck, Man at Arms, Tri-Klops, Mer Man,and 2 others plus a few assorted accessories
inlaid design temple scene & hand painted cherry blossom & bird
lift top over 4 drawers & 2 doors on bottom w/ Asian Slide Locks
embroidered design on bow tie variation (some stains) & diamond block variation (some holes) - both hand stitched & hand quilted 
8 ruffle rim Fenton Holly, 6 Ruffle "Ginger Ale" panther & Water lily sauce bowls, & Hat Shape six ruffle blackberry Spray bwol
All Gold Decorated - ivory Hollywood, maroon Aladdin with garland drape, Teal  with Gold Basket weave decor and chocolate brown Albany
1 liter hunt scene w/ figural lid, 4 - 1/2 liters, & small souvenir
6"x13" Royal Dux reclining nude and 6 1/2"x11" resting dog, hand made in Spain
pr. leather bound bookends (as is) & Silver Crest sterling decoration over bronze inkwell w/ orig. glass insert 
Swirl with ruffled rim, Stripe with pulled quatrefoil rim and Jefferson Swirled Maze with slight JIP lip
Lladro Mat glaze Pekinese Sitting dog #4641 (retired 1985), Armar Spain Seated Lady, Royal Doulton "The Gardener" D6634 &Staffordshire Sam Weller Character Jugs and antique portrait print of woman in wood frame
1920s car vase, IVT dome covered pedestal cheese compote, bathing nude novelty dish, 11.5" green radium English Hobnail rolled lip console bowl and 3 footed berry bowl with  star in oval, palm leaf and zigzag designs
10" flutes, 9" & 9 1/2" goblets w/ twist stems
8.5" English Hobnail basket, 6" bird and rushes compote/ bowl, 4" Boyd covered Wildflower jar, sleigh form mint bowl and Murano Sommerso duck figurine with blue accents
cast iron foo lion & 3 footed w/ foo lion finial on lid
after Auguste Moreau mounted on marble base - 7" tall
Gunderahand (now Glander Ornamental Iron Works, Glander Saukville, Wisconsin founded in 1932) copper Arts & Crafts tray w/ Parker fountain pens, knives by Remington, Frontier, Old Timer, bookends, cigar case, etc.
from 1800's - 1900's in as is album including fireman in dress uniform with cap, civil war soldier cabinet, family and more
Mfg. by Bostrom - Brady Mfg. Co., Atlanta GA., ser. #9213A
2 gouache on black paper signed Lakhon - sight size: 13 1/2"x10 1/4" & silk signed lower right 12 1/2"x10"
brightly colored - 49 1/2"x30 1/2"
3 12"x16" Oil on Board (The Tomb of Ruth, The Western Wall and Jerusalem overview) in matching 19"x23" frames, and oil on canvas street scene with walking figure (27.5"x19.5" canvas in 34"x26" frame)- all with Hebrew signatures or notations
stained glass chicken, peacock, turtle, light house, glass turtle, & Easter chic
7 Annual Hess Trucks MIB (2001-2007), Publix Express HO Train Set, Semi, Remote Control Semi (No Box), Harley Davidson black fat boy 6.0V R/C motorcycle and American Chopper "Black Widow" Motorcycle
stock number #816 in great condition with most accessories
tid bit trays, cookie jar, cake plate, platters, bowls, mugs, etc.
Mary Gregory and other enamel decorated tumblers, green spatter glass and clear cruets, opalescent diamond optic bell form and art glass flat brim lip vase, Jamestown olive glass pitcher, Cranberry glass bowl and vase and more
2 fish form vases with fish finial lids ( 1 all vaseline, 1 with vaseline lid and milk glass body), Amber Daisy and Button covered butter and oval Lovebirds plus small blue satin hen on nest
Matched pair of scenic vases (1 with old rim chip), Scenic Cream and Sugar, covered mustard pot with attached liner and nut bowl with embossed peanuts
2 pair 7" Hex base (clear and crackle),8 1/4" pr  round base and 10" single tall hex
excellent condition, featuring images of Yosemite, California, Washington, Canada  and other North Western scenes, Life in Japan, and more - contents only
pr 13" hand painted chargers, 5 Meissen style Saxe ware plates, pr Limoges and pr Johnson Bros Dartmouth plates, Japanese tall demitasse/ teapot and 4 cups and saucers
9 autographed editions (Chuck O'Donnell 1977 6th Edition Standard Handbook Modern US Paper Money, Grover Criswell 1965 North American Currency (First and Second Editions), 1957 Criswell's Currency Series Volume 1 Confederate and Southern States Currency, William Donlon 1968 Special edition of 30 United States Large Size Paper Money 1861 to 1923, , Donlon Catalog of US Small Size Paper Money (1964 First and 1970 Sixth Editions and Ted Kemm Oficial Guide of US Paper Money 1967), 4  Hard bound Obsolete Notes and Scrip (Alabama, Texas, Mississippi and Florida), US Postage and Fractional Currency, US, Canadian and Confederate Paper Money, National Banks of the Note Issuing Period 1863-1935 by Louis Van Belkum 1968, WWII Allied Military Currency, European Paper Money Papiergeld Katalog, Japanese Invasion Currency and much more
signed WM on back - 29" tall plus ethnic 9" braised bronze vessel with riveted plate attached bottom
hand carved and painted 3 sides, windmills, boats and people
Safari lamp, elephant figurine, and two sets of silver plate flatware
rich antique patina, softened hewn marks
hand painted decoration w/ temple scene & brass adornments
tilt top table & child's wicker rocker
15 1/2" black background & 12" w/ handles
14K gold cameo ring size 6 3/4 (1.9 Dwt.), brooch / pendant 14K yellow gold mounted shell cameo, & 10K rose gold cameo ring size 8 (3.8 Dwt. incl. shell) 
18K Palma chain bracelet 6.5" (2.8 Dwt.), 3 pair 14K gold earrings incl. Victorian w/ diamond (1.4 Dwt., doesn't incl. amethyst pr.), & 3 pr. 10K gold earrings incl. tri-color, seed pearl, & X&O's w/ diamonds (3.3 Dwt.)
filagree design w/ 7 full cut diamonds - size 5 3/4 - (1.4 Dwt.)
800 silver & gold filled shell cameos incl. earrings, 3 pendant brooches, & necklace
gypsy ring tiered multi stone setting,  size 5.5 - (2.7 Dwt.)
blue tanzanite (?) w/ diamond accents - size 7 (2.2 Dwt. incl. stone)
International Sterling, pat. 1962 - 6 pc place setting for 6 (dinner and butter knives, dinner & salad forks, table and teaspoons) with serving fork - Approx 37 troy oz. (31.9 weighable sterling and approx 5 oz in knife handles)
1880-S, 1882-S & 1884-O - some edge toning, worthy of grading
1879 & 1899-O with slight Toning, 1883 Bright Luster - All worthy of MS gradings
UNC Condition, perforated edges
6 V Nickels (1888, 1905, 1908, 2 1912 & 1 worn date) and approx 60 Buffalo (1913 Type 1, 5 1920, 2 1923, 1924, 5 1925, 6 1927, 3 1928, 4 1929, 3 1935, 14 1936, 4 1937 and 11 no date
Swiss made, caliber 5040D, 49.5 mm case, two tone stainless steel and gold case and bracelet, screw down crown, flame-fusion crystal, mother of pearl-oyster dial, 200m/660 feet water resistant, chronograph movement, cons# 112803-1040258, original boxes and paperwork. MSRP $1595.00
antique 8 pt. 2 1/4" rowel w/ nickle silver inlay, Colorado Denver Saddlery iron & silver, & aluminum Crockett w/ orig. leather - contents only
incl. a cabinet photo by H. B. Calfee photographer of 4 Native Americans & 2 caucasian men, 6 stereoscopic cards & 2 picture postcards
Hoshiapur, Northern India, ca. 1850 - 10" long, 3.75" wide and  3" tall - Rare pair of toe-knob sandals with "dant ka kam" ivory leaf and floral inlay decoration in shisham wood indigenous to that area. Excellent condition - Rare combination of style, form and condition
Bashful #377, Let's Sing, Street Singer #131, Happy Birthday #176, Playmates , & "Stormy Weather" music box 
Royal Doulton Bunnykins bowl, plate and mug, Hul Wildflower cornucopia vase, majolica glaze bear and figural pitcher, etc.
13.5" Diamond Point Columns, Green 10" Diamond Point &10.5" Tree Trunk vases and 6" Blue Klondyke 3 Footed Novelty Bowl (small  rim abraision)
Northwood Stippled Rays (Marigold basketweaqve and Amethyst) plain exterior 8 ruffle rim, amethsyt wtih one point chip) and Green Bulls Eye and Leaves 
4- Goebel Charlot Byi Redheads & Store sign, 3 Hummel figurines (Soloist has tiny chip in hair)
opens while playing music - working
1-pr. Bradley and Hubbard cathedral window, 1-pr. horse head, 1 pr. jesters sitting reading book on marble base
soapstone triple foo dog vessel, standing buddha, pr seated regents and vase and flower panel bookends, carved rose quartz Quan Yin, jadite/ serpentine carved censer with mythic beast lid, jade color glass Buddha - contents only
WDCC 2 The Delivery Boy and Cinderella figurines, Lucky Dalmatian ornament, & 4 film roll Opening Title stands matching figurines and one for Donald Duck  - contents only(original boxes under front table)
carnival glass Dugan amethyst Lattice and Points aka Vining Twigs hat vase with daisy center, teal Louisa three footed shallow bowl and 9.5" iridescent Bohemian glass squared  ruffled rim bowl
5"x12" swirling fine rib optic celery green glass bowl with dramatic feather pulled ruffle rim and 3" green satin 3 handled vase with art deco gold leaf garland decoration
Topaz Opal butterfly on branch, Drapery rose bowl, Open Lace basket weave bowl and oval sign
12" crystal  decanter with gold swirl vine and flower enamel decoration and blown stopper and 9" Moser quality cranberry ewer/ decanter with gold geometric  medallion and jeweled enamel flower accents
11 weighable oz sterling (International Sterling Brocade mustard & 4 bouillon spoons & gravy ladle, Durgin Fairfax tea and sugar spoons, Peru llama finial souvenir spoon, sterling base of cocktail and 1 shaker), plus wood handled gravy/ creamer, weighted toothpick urn, cream and sugar, sock darner with sterling handle - contents only
8" Bohemian glass green and white swir bud vase with appled celery green snake accent and gold enamel decoration, 2 1/4" 3 punt amethyst iridescent cabinet vase, and 2 floral embossed crystal 2"  perfume bottles 
Angel Bridge Candleholder and Plate #192, Child's Prayer, Heavenly Angel's, Bless Us All, Little Band, 1992 Christmas Morning ornaments in orig. box, Christmas 1973 music box, & Goebel Collector's club
11" Clear Crystal with domed foot, air trap column and rolled lip and hand blown cerulean blue with bell domed foot, rib optic tapered hollow stem and flat pulled lip
11" rolled lip  pink and white swir console bowl with blue line rim, Murrhina red, black, white and fleck mottled  basket and 4 1/2" rolled shoulder vase with Art Deco black floral circle and line panel design
EM - GE Alarm Pistols "Permitted by Police No License Required, for protection, bird scaring, race starting, dog training & alarm purposes  (as is) - 11 3/4" x 8"
mid century kitchen & Pennsylvania Dutch dining room suites
Nippon Moriage crescent shape novelty vase, Fernier, Noritake butterfly accent salt dips, Schafer and Vater heart from pin tray, etc
2 pair Imperial  "Maid & Butler" (Blue and Amber) S&Ps,  9.5" Windmill plate and 1 pr Westmoreland Antique Quilt salt and peppers
Bold strong image, dated 1971, actual size: 20"x24", frame size: 23 1/2"x27 1/4"
variation of Dresden Plate & Quilting Bee w/ embroidered signatures - both hand stitched & quilted, some stains - rack not included
25 inches tall, 18 inch shade, two light pull chain
Half Dome pink alabaster with reversed dome gold fleck foot, similar smaller bowl with flat foot and Yalos Casa Murano acid etched mark mottled  periwinkle blue vase
26"x16" novelty light in the shape of Cross of Lorraine - illuminated picture front and back show image of old gold lettering, charges to be used without cord, pulsating and on settings
Queen aka Daisy and Button with V pattern peg form glass bowl in pedestal handled silverplate holder
Fenton Red perfume and powder box, Imperial hobnail oil lantern, Octagon platters, bowls, basket, cups and vase, regular & ACGA Convention Singing Birds mugs, covered compote and more
6" hex foot with tulip panel bowl and flower and feather crest cutting goblets, 9" green and red pulled feather swirl handled vessel with applied leaf accent and 8" Art Deco Bohemian crystal  vase with "V" cut ruby stain accent panels
great mid century design, 15"x25" "Shearwater Fisher 168" copper tag and 13"x15" Feathered bird on branch - SHCP moniker tag on leg - reported to be a Miami Artist
Velvet Lined Base - 11" tall
1930's rhinestone dress/fur clips, shoe & belt buckles, sterling silver hand mirror w/ cherub repousse & weighted compote, ormolu beveled glass jewelry / trinket display, compacts, etc. - contents only
2 Art Deco fringe beaded bags & Le Beaumonde beaded purse in orig. box w/ tag
13"x10.5"x8.5", Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, & Donald Duck - Made for 35th Anniversary, separate pieces fit together on Trolley stand (no box)
Most 1930-40s, some antique post marks, stamp, etc
fine mottled brown drip Rokingham glaze with Warrior medallion large  medium teapots ( large with as is lid), medium Oasis pattern and one extra flat top lid
Happy Birthday 176, Apple Tree Boy #142 & Girl #141, Boy with Horn, 2 1976 Collector's Club Member Plaques & Heavenly Angel #1078 Plaque
lamps, clocks, enamel & porcelain tiles, watches, phone, coffee grinder & much more - contents only
Whiting & Davis mesh, lucite confetti carry all, beaded, Prezzo, & more - contents only
"This World Calls for Lowenbrau"
"Natural Carbonation, Fully Kraeusened"
"Brewed with Sparkling Pure Spring Water"
fully assembled plastic model kits - 25"x35" multi sail 3 masted war ship (no sails) and 17"x34" 3 masted with sails (minor wear) - USS Alabama sign Included
written on verso R. Cowles, Jan. 16, 1980, sight size: 36"x24", frame size: 40 1/2"x29"
2 women in cherry blossom grove, sight: 23" round diameter, frame size: 31"x30"
"Christmas at Home" with deer and festive snow covered holiday house image, coralene accents
inlaid w/ mother of pearl, cherry blossoms, & Asian pheasant
Direct Drive Fully Automatic circa 1981-1982 (No Cover)
(1977-1980) olid State with 2265B  Manual , Left channel on 2238B not working
Rosalene 2002 Charleton Collection beaded medallion & Blue Opal Butterfly & Flowers fan vase
10" Crystal humidor with open knob lid,  6" Mug by J Hungerford Smith CO, Rochester NY
Canary yellow 5" Wildflower Footed vase, 4 3/4" daisy and diamond square berry bowl, 4.5" Three Panel spooner vase, 10.5" Flower in Square aka Fine Cut Bryce Bros. plate and  and Higbee bee box base (rim chip)
deep iridescence, marked Gibson 1993 on base, 13" 9itcher and 6 5" tumblers
matte tortoise shell - 12 1/2" tall
6.5" Blue Northwood Beads and Bark vase, 3"x9" pulled rim white Ribbed Spiral bowl, 5" Inverted Fan and Feathers Lady's Spittoon whimsy plus 6" canary/ vaseline Leaf Chalice vase
Fruit Bowl and Pedestal and 6 Memphis punch cups
9.5" & 9"  Ribbed Spiral vases, Fenton Cape Cod Daisy & Button variant large rose bowl and Northwood Klondyke ind. berry bowl
agates, cats eyes, etc.
13" flared Niall centerpiece bowl (no box) and 5.5" Seahorse cut ice bucket with tongs and box
Rabbit impressed with "Pat'd Mach 9 1886" and Imperial IG mark and Summit Glass recumbent camel
1 Marked Ardalt - 7" Woman Drumming and 6 1/2"  Holding fan with swaying head
pr. black ground vases & dark green temple jar
6" First Edition Nutracker figure and  4" 1996 Ornament in boxes, 5" #1 and 2.5" golf ball paperweights, 8" Sweat Heart and 10.25" Metra bud vases plus approx 13 Waterford clock inserts - contents only
pair of 2 handled biscuit jars, covered butter and Wreathed Cherry milk pitcher
Marigold Hobstar Variant round and ovate handled bowls, pr Imperial Pansy  ring handled nappies, Sowerby Thistle and Thorn footed bowl, Poinsetta milk pitcher, Heart and Vine amethyst bowl (some finish wear), Fenton Orange Tree/ Flowers wine glass and 2 cups and saucers, Imperial Grape smoke color vintage bud vases, Florigold cup, Summit iridized D&B hat vase, Mosser amethyst petite grape pattern plate
1950's-70's menus from around the world incl. 1959 The Press Ball & United Nations Ball, 1960 Luncheon with Ike , 1960's-70's car pamphlets, 1950's booklets, cathedral scrap book, & much more
SN095/595 Crystal Holy Family 3 pc set in original box (11" Joseph, 7.5" Mary & 4" long Jesus
25" "Rooftop Prancer Midnight Dancer" w/ orig. tag
Battery op cymbal monkey, pull along xylophone, clay marbles, desk cannon, belt buckles, vintage felt baseball pennants, watches, patches, & meerschaum pipes - Contents Only
John Davenport Signed copies (2 European Crowns Since 1800, 2 European Crowns 1700-1800, German Talers Since 1800s and the dollars of Africa Asia and Oceania) and unsigned European Crowns (1484-1600, 1600-1700, 1700-1800) German Talers 1700-1800 & Crowns & Tales Since 1800, Mexico Coins , World Coins, Coin Identifier, Coin Dating guide, Pillars and Portraits, German numismatic book, Modern Latin American Coins, Switzerland, Norway and others plus 10 editions of Current Coins of the World by RS Yeoman
Large collection of cards including foils in Pokeman Card Case with main storage and upper select card compartment
Signal Corps US Army EE-8-B, one leather and one green canvas satchels
14" porcelain collector doll new in box), 10 King Features Syndicate figures (some under glass globes), rubber door mat, Christmas towels & more
37 inches tall, cream and gold with hand painted aisan theme.
turquoise & coral - (0.82 troy oz. both pcs.)
cross w/ 10K gold heart and other pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, turquoise bracelet & rings, charms, earrings, marcasite necklace w/ matching earrings, & much more - contents only
2 sterling silver & turquoise incl. signed Navajo Marie B & coin silver w/ turquoise (1.0 troy oz., total of 3 pcs.)
Norway necklace, gold plated matching braided serpentine necklace & bracelet set, gold plate heart pendant, jade earrings, 12K gold filled turquoise belt buckle signed Gilbert Adakai & .800 cannetille ring,- contents only
Native American, ancient coin cuff links, pendant necklaces, bracelets, link chains, etc. (5.87 troy oz., doesn't incl. leather bracelet) - contents only
1921 Morgan, 1922-S & 1923 Peace Dollars, 10 Quarters (1935-D, 1941-S, 1942-S, 1943-S,  1944, 1947-S, 1953-S, 1959-D, 1964 & 1964-D), 4 Dimes (1947, 1954, 1961-D & 1964) & 3 War Nickels (1943-S, 1944-P &1945-P) - contents only
MS 64FBL 1955 & MS 65 1954, PCGS Graded & Slabbed
Zuni inlay w/ MOP & significant turquoise bracelet (2.10 troy oz. both pcs.)
silver incl  Ike dollars (2 1971-S and 1972-S Proof and 2 1971-S UNC), 1965 & 1967 Kennedy half dollars, 1950-D & 1961-D quarters, 1950-D & 1954-D dimes, Currency incl 1935-A Series Hawaii dollars and 1863 1st Series Confederate States of America Twenty Dollars (both as is ), Near Mint 1963 Two Dollars, 1916 United States of America Filipinas one centavos 1916, 100+ mixed date wheat pennies & more - Contents Only
3 Hummels & running goose Lladro
1917, 1919, 1924, 2 1928, 2 1929, 1934, 2 1935, 3 1936, 2 1937, 1938, 2 1939, 1940-S, 2 1940, 2 1941-S (small mint mark), 2 1941, 1942-S, 2 1942-D, 1942, 2 1943-S, 2 1943-D, 1943, 2 1944-D, 2 1944, 1945-D, and 1945
2 1934, 1934-D (small mint mark), 1935, 2 1936, 1938, 1939, 6 1939-D, 2 1939-S, 1942, 1942-D, 1942-S (small mint mark), 1944, 4 1945, 1945-S and 1946-S
Silver Inc. 2 UK Two Shillings 1939 & 1956, 3 Shillings (1820, 1888 and worn date), Austro-Hungarian 1 Florin 1859, Canada 1905 5 cents, 1958 Dime, and 1967 Centennial Quarter,  Japan 1923 Taisho 20 Sen and Meiji 50 Sen (1906-1912), Netherlands 1936 10 cents and 1941 25 cents, Mexico 1936 10 Pesos and 1957 1 Peso, and more,  Bronze Ottoman Turkey Mahmud II 5 Piastries (1808-1839), Abdul-Mejid 10-para (1839-1861) and 1872 large coin, Canada 1901 Large Cent, Half Penny Bank Tokens (1837 Province Du Bas Canada and 1852 Bank of Upper Canada), 1887 and other cents, Morocco, Austro Hungarian, English, Japan and China and so much more - Contents Only
cast iron bank, copper oil carriage lights, army dress hat, many recorders (Honer, Yamaha, Aulos, and Prelude), real hair cow figure, silver elk handle bowl, crystal vases, cribbage boards, antique correspondence and sculpture
SPI art glass whale tail, 4 paperweights incl. Joe Rice, 3 vases, large bowl, & Fenton red carnival glass Compote 
3 Archaic stone carved axe heads, several kinds of coral, sea worn stones, etc -contents only
Pr. Brass 4 light Whale Oil type Lamp (1 with reflector shade/ wind shield), Copper Coal Shuttle & cook pots (3 Sizes) & 2 sautee pans/ skillets
1908 pat. 1881 Rogers La Vigne grape pattern flatware (17 teaspoons, 6 large and 2 medium table spoons, 8 dinner and 4 salad forks, gravy ladle, sugar spoon, 5 dinner and 2 butter knives) in Vintage Rogers wood storage box
carved plank seat
lift top mirror & side doors
white washed & mounted on plinth - 33" high x 29 1/2' long
by C.R. Schnieder Co., New York, NY - various images & varying in size from 8"x5 1/2" to 38"×25" - contents only
mid century Santa store displays, spaghetti Mr. & Mrs. Santa candleholders, salt & pepper shakers, & puzzle block
Canuck Pottery Co. - Distinctive Blue, Orange, Brown and Tan drip glazes on mid century design vases, candlesticks, bowls, pitchers, teapots and more
leather, Greek wool captains, felt & straw fedoras, etc.
3 Olive and Thyme enameled (blue 11" oval & 10" round plus red 9.5" Oval) and 10.5" round Emeril
saddle bags, bull whips, thigh high moccasins, gun belts, rodeo belt buckle, & saddle ornaments
silk cut velvet beaded shade with 2 matching accent pillows
gold gilt wheat sheaf  base w/ glass top
16" Ringed and 18" Stippled Circles carved gourds 10"x24" layered leather 4 panel grain bowl
Gondola, hopper & box cars, log carrier and other cars, cabooses, and much more (some as is)
Franklin Mint, Universal Studios, etc.
2 Falstaff tin beer steins and 2 Kemper-Thomas 1908 Oval "Louise" & Isabel" Portrait plaques, Chatillon and Larro scales, 7 pcs US Navy flatware, 10 Msc Collectors & Other spoons (Pan Am Expo, Century of Progress, etc), 7 insulators, Adams "Athens" flow mulberry plate, wood butter mold, 6 1880s Panelled Sunflower EAPG tumblers and more - contents only
Porthos D 6440, Pied Piper D 6403 and Lobster Man D 6617
16" Platter, 10" and 2 9 3/4" Manilla plates by 
Rack and large collection of pipes 
clocks, bowls, cannisters, plates, tid bit tray, etc.
5 Bell System wall rotary dial, Swatch & Bud Can - contents only
a lot of wearable pieces and some for crafts
Warner Bros Scooby Doo - 3 sitting (2 12.5" with original boxes & 22.5") plus 7 1/2" posable
1-Birds Eye View 1887 T.M. Fowler Morrisville PA {some staining} 1-township map reproduced from combination atlas map of mercer county 1875 the Hopewell museum 1963
most unopened, new in boxes -12 Little Gems (2 Down the Chimney, 3 Ringing in the Holidays, 2 Pint Size Santa, 2 Cooking-Cracker, Little Miss Angel, Dash Away All & 2000 New Year) 6 med size (prs of Santa Pipe, Jolly Ringer & On The Green), 2 large (Hearts & Flowers Muffy Vander Bear with box and Bunny Tree House) ornaments and 2000 Happy New Year snow globe with box - contents only
Hull Corky pig bank, 9 1/2" horse head TV lamp, 14" ceramic pelican, Mexico face with hat string holder, drama masks ashtray
1 in good usable condition, 1 cutter (holes)
portrait of woman by Carle J Blenner (1864-1952) who was active in New York, Europe, early exhibits include 1893 World's Fair, etc - 25"x19" sight in 35"x29" frame (no glass) & sitting room by L Jambor (1884-1955) active in New York & Hungary and known for genre paintings - 21.5"x18" sight in 27"x23.5" frame
Larry Mahan El Paso white w/ black stitching (9M), Tony Lama white (8 1/2D), Dexter ostrich bottom (10M) & Justin alligator bottom (10 1/2B) 
framed (petite silk rug, embroidered geometric textile, & 4 African beaded necklaces), 3 wool rugs, & linen tablecloth
Miniature farm and village set with original Box additional hand carved figures, plastic miniatures and more with original box - some as is 
2 Light Table Lamp, solid brass base with fruit motif stained glass shade
1-two shelf chesnut stand and two shelf oak stand
incl. 3 year old's cowboy costume, vintage ceramic bank, Mr Potato Head and friend, Viewmaster, Mickey Mouse and more - contents only
Warner Bros 17"  figurine & 3 in orig. boxes ("The Model Sheet Marquettes" 3 bird display, 11" figurine, & 8" Tweety Garden Angel) plus Tweety with Towel rubber bath toy
feather fan, mother pearl opera glasses, jade hand painted hand held dresser mirror, antique calling cards, perfume bottles, sterling silver shakers in orig. box, 20+ beaded tassels, & more - contents only
Most 1995-2000, 12" Luke and Leia action figures in boxes, lots of notebooks and binders, novelty giveaway action toys, books and tapes, kites, Pez collection, General Grievous' Starfighter n box, Puzzle, Decals, comic books, and so much more
figurines, pins, license plates, clocks, bathroom sets, stuffed animals, etc.
manufactured by Realist, Inc. #8080, ser. #84733
USA mark 5 pc service for 8 (missing one bread and one berry bowl), 2 sizes platters, 3 round and divided veggie serving bowls, ind. salad and 2 cereal bowls, 2 pr salt and peppers, cream and sugar (no lid) plus England Cake plate, 6 dessert plates a berry bowl  and gravy
Marigold Decanter and 2 wine glasses, 6 tumblers and Smoke Vase Plus Marigold "Maple Leaf" & Sunset "Dahlia" water pitchers, Sunset Red vase
2001 Trendmasters Rumble Wars Toys (2 cyber tanks and cyber jet with remote controls and 2 stands) and Marines Jet,  Paramount USS Enterprise Model, Star Wars land cruiser and small ship, Air Force Monopoly and more

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