Granny's Antiques & Fineries Multi Estate 11-4-18 Auction

Auction starts: November 4, 2018 at 01:00 PM EST , Closing begins: November 4, 2018 at 07:00 PM EST
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Starts: November 3, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT , Ends: November 4, 2018 at 04:00 PM EST
Clearwater, FL
Auction Type: Live


designed for Skaaning Mobler - features two sliding doors with adjustable shelves on each end, middle section with 4 pull out drawers  great condition, small chip to back leg 94.75" Wide 32.75" High 19.75" Deep
female dancer w/ garland on marble plinth - 21" tall
26 1/8 inches tall, 17 3/4 inch glass bowl, painted metal nude woman on wood base
31" panel cut honey amber, ornate gold scenic decoration and tall spire stopper - panel and tiered ring neck  cut design
graduating in size with brass inserts
pencil signed & numbered, dated 1960 #43/200 sight size: 23"x11", frame size: 28 1/2"x16 1/4"
"Don Quixote Meets the Twilight Fall" pencil signed & numbered #19/35, sight size: 15"x24 1/4", frame size: 21"x30"
"Symphony Rehearsal", signed Judith May F?, Mid-Century design - sight size: 18"x13 1/4", frame size: 27 1/2"x22 1/2"
hand cut 3-dimensional - 50" long - new in box
Three separate top compartments resting on wide base with top cap - 1800s notched shelf construction
white metal - assembled brand new (Winning bidder has choice of assembled or unassembled #17) - May have choice of both lots at auctioneers discretion 
brand new in box - never opened (Choice of high bidder of #16)
style 834 WM-896, movement 100B
w/ bookcase top brass eagle finial & 4-drawers
Bird theme decoration, metal side handles and tripod paw foot base and vase with hand enameled couple sitting in tree
sterling silver signed Safran horse & SB pin, owl & butterfly necklaces, .900 cannetille earrings, marcasite earrings, turquoise rings, Italian murano glass beaded necklace w/ matching earrings, seed pearl necklace suite, & so much more! - contents only
w/ Aztec calendar pendant/pin (2.21 troy oz.)
pair 10k earrings, chains and pendants, bracelets, earrings, pins and rings - contents only
pillow cut oval amethyst surrounded by diamonds, size 7 1/2" - (2.9 Dwt. incl. stone)
perfume bottle pendant, cruise ship souvenir charms (Miami & Florida), black glass cameo, Beau, Rode'Art, Military memory sweet heart brooches, rings, etc. - contents only
1887, 1888, 1901-O, 1921 & 1921-S
2 Nudes dancing around cluster of grapes ring/ pin tray, 3" x 3 3/4"
1923 Peace, 1941, 1942, 1943 & 1945 Walking Liberty, 2 1951-S, 1954-S & 1963-D Franklin and 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars
Varied size and crystaline centers, black, carnelian and milky white in color, smooth, rounded and druse crystal forms - contents only
Gorham sterling fancy embossed mint  bowl and Web porringer (7.99 Troy Oz)
extra Fusilier and no goat mascot in "Welsh Fusiliers (the 23rd foot") original box, other set has 8 varied Highlanders - in Regiments of All Nations Box
1914 Barber, 1957 Canadian & 28 Mercury Dimes (1936, 1637, 1939-D, 1940, 1941, 1941-D, 4 1942, 4 1942-D, 1943, 2 1943-S, 2 high grade 1943-D, 2 1944, 2 1945, 4 1945-D and 1946-D), 1887-O Morgan Dollar, Standing Liberty and 3 Washington quarters (1952-D, 1953-D AND 1960-D), 1943 and 1943-D Steel, 1918 & UNC 60 1946-D Wheat Cents, 2 Kansas Tax Tokens and 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar
6"  red crowned heron standing on dragon tortoise, unmarked
Pirates of The Caribbean, Cinderella's Castle, Great Disney World Monorail System and Haunted Mansion
Sir Leslie Ward (signed as "Spy") - "Winston" (Churchill) 1900, Statesmen No 315 - The Earl of Dunoughmore 1879, The Ret. Hon. TE Headlam MP 1873, and The Baron Shand 1903
3 framed hand painted photographs by Mazmanian at 324 West 42nd Street NY - (Single dancer - frame size: 31"x20 1/2", The Painter - frame size: 31 1/2"x20 1/2", Group of 7 - frame size: 21"x22 1/2" - minor issues w/ all 3)
w/ bobble head figures (Homer's lost in Moe's)
Mega Bloks (Patrol, Blue Thunder, Battleship, etc ), models (Shelby, Lamborghini, etc.) - many have never opened
Budweiser NFL Monday Night Football Merchandising Kit with football field display, menu/ specials board and varied NFL game headers, Miller Light menu board with letters (unopened) and 2 plastic Pabst Blue Ribbon signs
California Screamin' Rollder Coaster & 5 cars, Sun Wheel, Golden Zephyr, Orange Zinger, & Mini Monorail set - all in orig. boxes
Evelyn Varon, Miss Florence, Elizabeth, Valerie Modes, Beatrice-Martin plus much more
"Shooting Hoops" basketball theme
Art Deco strands of red, green, frosted disc, bell shapes, faux jade, & much, much, more - from the estate of a 1960's collector - contents only
8 desk blotters, Earl Moran, Vargas and other full page, half page and additional images & Dude magazine
Rhinestone, natural elements and more - contents only
Original 1950s folio "Twelve Months of Kyoto" by Tomikichiro Tokuriki (1902-2000) in original folio, Engraved and Printed by Uchida Woodblock printing Co, Kyoto (folio size 15.25"x14")
Contains all published comics 1980-2003, decorative external color sleeve
all matte finish - 9 strands & a box full incl. elbows in various shapes & colors - from the estate of a 1960's collector
650+ matte finish black & white polka dot - from the estate of a 1960's collector
vintage hats incl. velvet, beaded evening purses, costume jewelry, scarves, hand blown glass pendants & more
well crafted wood storage box, mostly complete with wide assortment of approx 70 stakes & punches,16089 K&D Special - great jeweler's tool set
Star Trek, Superman, X-Force, Yang, Walt Disney, Daredevil, Deadpool, & great pulp fiction
art glass, Pandora style bracelet, crystal, High Intensity bracelet, suites, beaded, mineral, gold filled, etc. - contents only
175+ travel postcards, 100+ black & white vintage photos
rhinestone, beaded, art glass, statement necklace, earrings, Citizen & Timex watches plus more - contents only
HO gauge trains, houses and accessories, transformers, figures, signs and much more
art glass, Jessica Carlyle leather band watch, rhinestone, beaded, faux pearl, crystal bead, Disney earrings, & a whole lot more - contents only
ashtrays, elephant family, lion figures and accents, terrier dog, etc.
most are matte finish in various sizes & colors plus hand painted clay fired beads & collectible beads reference book by Robert K. Liu
2 -10" McCoy in red and cobalt glazes, 7 1/2" green glaze with embossed fern and basket weave decor and 6" with 4 geese heads
shoes, boxes, figurines, candlestick & art - contents only
German Armand Marseille #1394 w/ composite body, wood legs (some damage to fingers) & porcelain head w/ fixed glass eyes & open mouth w/ teeth & Shirley Temple composite in pieces
1.4 lbs. of polished turquoise stones, malachite, agate, & coral beads on strands, aggie swirl marbles, plus more - from the estate of a collector in the 1960's - contents only
Lisner, Monet, Indian belt, Sheffield ladies ring & brooch watches, rhinestone, enameled, Czech, & a whole lot more - contents only
1940's-50's naval cachets, NATO/ United Nations, First Flight Aviation, First Trips Airmail, Conservation NY Central Trains,United Nations, etc. and album of Society cachets with stamp, envelop and printed page description 1969-1983
Alva Museum Replica dragon necklace, Monet, Mr. We seahorse, Trifari, Murano wedding bead & venetian bead necklaces, crystal necklaces, seed pearl suite, gemstone, plus more - contents only
Creative Sports Riddell Throwback Replica Helmet with certificate and photo of him signing helmets
multi color Chevrons, strands of greasy blue, awalleh, red white hearts, & more - from the estate of a 1960's collector - contents only 
with King mouth piece - circa 1965, serial #168875
Intaglio carved chest with gold accents
hand blown 60+ glossy millefiori w/ red background, 150+ fine quality glossy millefiori in various shapes, wedding & foil beads, plus adorable Japanese animal head charms & much more  - from the estate of a collector who purchased in the 1960's
repousse dust pan w/ alligator, 3 sterling silver souvenir spoons, souvenir creamer pitcher, & hard cover book
Chanel Antaeus, Givency Xeryus & Ysatis, Christian Dior Fahrenheit & Eau Sauvage, Tiffany for Men, Avatar, Dana Canoe, Halston, Azzaro 9, Volupte, First, Worth, Polo, & many more
700+ matte finish black & white glass beads on strands - from the estate of a 1960's collector
Pr. and single bookends, bottle opener, pocket knife, silver plate decorated serving and dresser tray, wood pipe, & photo in card case
seed bead, signed Paris, Weiss, art glass, rhinestone, etc. - contents only
all matte finish - 7 strands plus a box full incl. elbows all in various colors and sizes - from the estate of a collector from the 1960's
Korea, National Defense, Occupation Service, War on Terror and other medals in shadowbox frame, WWII litho of army woman flirting with soldier at a dance and a Japanese replica flintlock with black powder single shot action.
Lisner, Coro, liquid Silver, carved jade & beads, lucite, etc. - contents only
Model 43, Elkhart IND - silver plate with Vincent Bach mouthpiece, ser. # 501633
French Engineered, Model FLH1300N - ser. #1012027
5" tall collie & rabbit with ear buttons and tags, collie with name badge
art glass bead bracelets, mink pin, large rhinestone pins, & more - contents only
Longfellows "Song of Hiawatha" with cameo images of Nokomis and Hiawatha accented by oak leaves
Victorian double sided greeting cards w/ silk fringe & vintage perfume bottles (some in orig. boxes) - Shalimar, Evening in Paris, etc.
Honeywell mark 74, model 1, in wooden storage box
art glass beaded necklaces, liquid silver, rhinestone, minerals, etc. - contents only
1967 Walt Disney Blackbeard's Ghost (4) &1978 The Cat From Outer Space (3), 8 Million Ways to Die, Loverboy, Iron Eagle (2), A Fine Mess, Band of the Hand, Little Darlings, D.A.R.Y.L. (Spanish Language), Lana Turner in Diane,Hail, Hero! (2), True Believer &The Principal - contents only
2 opalene lamps, electrified crinkled drape base oil ruby glass lamp, Marilyn Monroe chalk figurine, records, TV Guides, Sports Illustrated, & much more - contents only
Daffy 60th Anniversary pin set, figures, tissue holder, squeeze bottle, etc, Sylvester & Tweety, Taz & Bugs Christmas toilet seats, fondue set, spice rack, stickers, towels, cake stand, vintage coffee cups, small action figures and so much more
rare snake head coin receiver slot for English large penny, missing back plate. working but needs cleaning
large grain sifters, tool box, boot jack, various yokes, stool, block and tackle, cast iron cobblers anvil, awl, wood plain and other tools, Box full of antique bottles, oak file cabinet, as is clocks, Trunk with old silkscreen sign stencil, etc.
plastic construction on wheels with drain tap
36" - newly assembled from box
comprehensive collection, most dates from 1st ed. to 45th edition (1942-1988) and some multiples
6 vol. Akers US gold coins by denomination (1975-1982 Publishing dates), 2 copies of  The Gold Sovereign by Michael A Marsh (one signed by 30 Royal and US Mint officianatos on AHA Royal Mint Tour 1982), Hans Schlumberger European Gold Coins Guide Book & Gold Coins of Europe Since 1800, Autographed copy of California Gold by Kenneth Lee, Contemporary World Gold Coins by Sanford J Durst, Gold Coins of The Americas by Robert P Harris & More
Shiny Brite ornaments, bubble lights, animated Santa w/ Rudolph, Dept. 56 skaters, stocking holders, nut crackers, etc.
Credence Clearwater Revival, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, Beach Boys, Crosby Stills & Nash, Michael Jackson, Village People, Pat Benetar, Bee Gees, ABBA, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Glen Campbell, & so many more
2 -1947 first editions, most dates to 36th edition of 1983 with several multiples - 13 are personally signed by Yeoman with Appreciation signatures (1969-80 and 1983)
adjustable top and bottom shelves
48"x26" red center medallion with symmetrical flower motif with blue edge and cream ground with multiple boarders and 36"x23" triple border with multi color floral and geometric design with orange accents on light cream ground
swivel sides, floral, leaf and vine design
playing card to poster size and all in between - Vargas, Moran, Mozert and more - some framed, most contemporary reprints
listed NY artist (1916-2004), abstract watercolor on paper of Mohegan forest landscapes,  sight size: 17 1/2"x23 1/4", frame size: 24 1/2"x30 1/2"
33"x23" Framed Indonesian shadow puppet, 11"x47" 8 Buddhist auspicious symbols embroidered on silk panel & 27"x41" shadowboxed Guatemalan hand embroidered poncho
model #HW300TRW serial #GM03J01160 with hard cover carrying case
in beautiful condition - size large
Rope trimmed oval mirror, marble shelf rests on 4 spade feet base with shell reilef knees and apron
9" bisque porcelain man and woman in traditional dress playing pianos - hands and head nod, all original w/ dragon decoration on base panel
8 1/2" Blue Aurene tulip 12 rib  vase Tiffany  Marked LCT Favrile 2401-D and  7" unmarked 10 rib free form vase
14" to top of handle with soft flared sides, beautiful iridescent luster, applied clear handle with floral prunts
Porcelain Gres finish angel  with Harp/ Lyre #2194, Retired 1994 - harp is a separate piece, box as is
Orrefors low oval bowl with reclining nude gazing at ship at sea "Orrefors, Londberg, 2675, '65" & yellow vase with dancing woman
8" pitcher and 6 -4" tumblers - embossed shell motif with hand painted green and red garland accents
11" detailed white on blue Mary Gregory style hand painted scenic design,  ruffled rim, ring center and rounded base
9"  8 ruffle green bowl and 9" amethyst plate
346-9" Tuscany, circa 1924 and  631-4" Luffa, circa 1934
10" blue on white Wild Rose embossed vase with full Phoenix label and S7" satin Martele vase
1261-8" Futura (small chip under side of tip) circa 1924, and 12 1/2" in Orange Tint  circa 1910-12, pencil marked 1203-12" on verso
7 1/2" lady with gun and dog & man with dog and hunting horn (both marked Germany) and pr of Royal Dux 7" Far East couple with jugs and baskets spill vases (raised pink triangle mark, #1465)
5 1/2"x9 1/2" Persian medallion interior 3 footed master fruit 8 ruffle rim
great folk art image of blacksmith and sons in country frame, 16"x20" canvas, frame size: 24"x28"
Love boots in orig. box, Gianfranco Ferre, Monsac, Longaberger purses, trinket boxes, cigarette case, etc.
(Listed Italian Artist, 1890-1967) Autumn mountain  lakeside millhouse scene, actual size: 24" x 47 1/2", frame size: 33" x 56 1/2"
"The Visible V-8 Engine", 1:4 scale - over 12" long complete
17" vase, 9" fish bowl, 5" & 8" flower pots with liners
17 1/2" chalice compote with goddesses of the harvest pedestal, 16" resin and 9 1/2" R Ruggeri ivorene Three Graces, 11" triple figurine and 12 1/2" pensive woman
historic Cypress Gardens "Dick Pope Jr. 3 Times National Champion" water skis - Cypress Gardens (1936-2003) is now Lego Land and is considered Florida's first theme park.
Krishna playing flute with 7 women attendees, lotus blossom band on base -50"x37" frame
vaseline opalescent  fluted scrolls bonbon, Fenton recumbent pink bear, paperweights, Jamestown Glass pitcher, and more
3 trays of Barbie & related items boxed in storage for 20 years.  Many accessories of shoes, hats, etc. & clothes some with orig. Barbie & Midge tags - contents only
ships wheel, stain glass framed panel of rifles, antique porcelain doll (cracked), cuckoo clock, folk art tin music box of train, pr. glass & crystal lamps (need to be rewired), Lucy doll, & much more - contents only
(Listed French Artist, 1923-), Renderings of Sacre Coeur and Place de la Bastille - sight size: 17 1/2"x23", frame size: 26"x32"
Boxed snow globe, tea for one, spoon rest, light switch cover, whisk, stamp, baby swing and figure in pack, loose flag, vases, toothbrush holder, lamp, and more
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature from family estate: notes on back (Date 1922 -  A modified copy of painting by "Moran" "I have sen this in Scotland and it is very Characteristic " D.A.H.), in period  frame from 1930 - canvas size: 16"x32", frame size: 21 1/2"x37 1/2"
18" hand carved eagle and 9" drum made from pine log with bark
"Warren Sapp 99 QB Killa" signed promo photograph of Sapp after 2003 Superbowl on the field w/ football card, commemorative Superbowl XXXVII football w/ orig. #40 Mike Alstott signature (as is), Buccaneers baseball cap w/ many orig. signatures, Mike Alstott, Coach Gruden, Warren Sapp, Martin Gramatica, etc.
Van Gogh, The Great Book of French Impressionism, The Impressionists by William Gaunt, Impressionism, 2  Promised Land with paintings of Gordon Wetmore, L'Arte Dei Rosin (Murano art glass master),  Great Masters and Art Nouveau by Robert Schmutzler
calm lake scene with road, cottage, trees and figure fishing - 24 1/2"x36" canvas in  29 1/2"x42" ornate wood frame
2 stoneware rolled shoulder crocks, blue glazed 4 stack nesting bowls (one with rim chip), Rockingham glaze yellow ware hunt pitcher(lip chip), drip glaze banded jardiniere (foot chip), and misc bowls (brown glaze with lid, pink and blue banded, etc)
w/ granite base - 69" tall - assembled from box (never used) - (Winning bidder has choice of assembled or unassembled #162 & #163) - May have choice of all 3 lots at auctioneers discretion
granite base - 69" tall - brand new in box (2 boxes, 1 light) - choice of high bidder #161
granite base - 69" tall - brand new in box (2 boxes, 1 light) - choice high bidder lot #161
Listed Dutch artist (1874-1912) landscape with horses on weathered lake side paths with windmills in distance in matching frames (16"x32" Canvas, 21"x37 frame)
turned spindle frame w/ carved crest & glass covered silk embroidered crane textile
w/ brass decorations on stand
carved from single trunk
carved decoration - 30" tall x 21 1/2" wide x 27" long
Chicago Bulls with Lite Bottle approx 59" high (metal) and  28" beer mug with surfer (plastic)
heavily hand quilted & cross stitch embroidery - hard to find a matching set
silver plate jewelry box & watch holder, tripod leg copper teapot, silver plate wine pail, Dean & Deluca "The Chinese Collection" spice box, & chrome percolator with red lucite handles (no cord)
sugar shaker, covered urn, vase, bowl and fernier (foot repair)
8 1/2" and 7" bud, 7" Wide Mouth 
yellow stone ware with pink and blue bands RRPCo
10"  with orange body and band of flowers, inside floral accent marked Porsgrunn Norge & anchor, with nickel plated brass ladle
Egg Optic, 2 Scandinavian with woman cutting and French St Louis Cristal  vases, Orrefors candle blocks, Kosta Boda tall candlestick, 3 Val St Lambert Zodiac coasters, and more
"Grape & Cable" amethyst punch bowl, 6 green cups and 2 marigold - all have rich patina and look great together
13" black and 8" orange Sydenstriker "Doilies" chargers, 8 1/2" Karen Edstrom fused glass bowl with layered floral designs and 4 " Bendzumas 1996 art glass vase
April Showers (11.5" green & 10.5" blue), 10.5" blue Fine Rib,  7" amethyst Diamond and RIb (firing crack on rim of base) and 6.5" green Long Thumbprint (some interior luster wear)
Pitcher and 6 tumblers with rich well matched patina (1 tumbler has bruise to rim of foot)
Service for 8 minus one teaspoon (dinner and salad forks, bouillon and teaspoons, butter and dinner knives), master butter knife, bonbon/ sugar  and serving spoons - 50 pcs, Approx 49 1/2 troy oz (45.38 ozt weighable and approx 4 oz in knife handles) in wood presentation case with brass face accents
4 Pcs. Wedgwood (2 w/ sterling mounts), & 3 pcs. Rosenthal w/ sterling silver, crystal swan salt cellar with sterling wings and spoon, sterling silver salt & pepper w/ tray and enameled tops, cloisonne & jade tray
"Damask Rose" pattern, 4 piece place setting service for 12 minus 1 teaspoon & 1 odd shaped fork plus 6 soup spoons, meat fork, & ladle - 55.27 troy oz. plus approx. 6 troy oz. in weighted handles 
1900-1930 Hill Climber Battleship Gunner, Attributed to Dayton or Schieble - 5.5"x15"
engraving of Lincoln Family in triple  fancy period carved wood frame (10"x8", in 22"x20" frame) and photo portrait of Lincoln (frame size: 16 1/2"x14 1/2")
1 3/4 inch X 1 1/2 inch with 4 topaz stones (7.1 dwt)
carnelian filagree bracelet, 3 Italian hand painted under glass lady portraits brooches, gold wash moon shaped pin w/ moonstone & filagree pin - contents only
triple row w/ 5 center graduating diamonds between 2 rows of baguette diamonds - size 8 (2.2 Dwt. incl. diamonds)
1-18K yellow gold Egypt head (4.2 dwt), 3- 14K yellow gold charm/pendants  16.0 (dwt.)
size 7 1/2 - (3.9 Dwt. incl. diamonds)
one pear cut emerald 7.00 x 5.00mm, weight .70 Ct. aprox. rated I in clarity (type III), G in hue,6 in tone, and 3 in saturation. 20 round full cut diamonds 1.00-1.30mm total diamond weight .20 Ct. approx. rated SI2 in clarity and light color. total weight 3.3 dwt with GIA Appraisal, original in office
pendant necklace, bracelet, & ring w/ pink rhodonite (2.9 troy oz. w/ stones) - stamped Mexico
Swiss made pocket watch six jewels, silver dial with gold chapter ring second hand well, blue steel hands, with chain. Ladies wrist watch 14k gold case, swiss movement Girard Perregaux retailed by Galt & Bro, 17 jewels, ser# 575110
Fairy in flower field embossed silver collar - w/ orig. case
including stop light, convertible car, Chalet, bull, suitcase, Torah, time to travel, murphy bed and handcuffs (18.9 dwt.)
McClaren Collection, NGC Graded & Slabbed
including trolley car, dog, ferris wheel, poodle, ship, Lamp post, pair of shears, and world globe. (27.7 dwt.)
Los Castillo pin/pendant, geometric hammered cuff bracelet & earring set, Eastern Star 5 grams fine silver charm, graduating rod necklace w/ matching earrings, & coral pin (6.0 troy oz.) - contents only
2 1941, 3 1942, 1943, 3 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948-D, 1951, 1952, 1952-D, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1957-D, 2 1958-D, 3 1959-D, 1960-D, 3 1961-D, 4 1962-D, 4 1963-D, and 4 1964-D
berry stain, natural color and more one red clay signed "Dehlia Poleahla" and black glaze finger vessel signed "Myra Santa Clara Pue."
4 foot and 2 mounted  sentries Life Guards in Regiments of All Nations box, 3 drummers (large and 2 smaller drums), 4 trumpets and band leader in Drums and Bugles of the Line Box
Chronograph functions with 60 second, 30 minute and day of the week sub dials; date window at 4:00, Platinum mother of pearl dial with gold tone and white hands, hour markers and Arabic numerals; luminous; unidirectional 18k gold ion-plated stainless steel bezel with black polyurethane accents and black ion-plated inner ring; screw-down 18k gold ion-plated stainless steel crown and pushers; exhibition case back; flame fusion crystal; gunmetal ion-plated stainless steel case and bracelet with 18k gold ion-plated stainless steel center links - Swiss-quartz movement, case diameter: 56mm
water resistant to 660 feet
open well w/ Gustav Becker w/ metal of honor mark, serial #1823613 - working
Reverse decorated glass panel front
tapered black flat colum accents raising top drawer, round sunray escutcheons and handles
Colorful hand painted vase with phoenix and flower design in the style of cloisonne
fine linen table cloth and napkins, antique children's books, and tools in vintage trunk with original divided inset tray and compartment
2-door over 2-drawer - 7 ft. tall x 56" wide
beautiful fox stole with hook & eye closure & silver blue cross mink stole w/ front versatile scarf style collar and inside pocket (mild stains on lining)
mahogany mink stole w/ 2 front pockets (mint condition) & Island Glo fox stole (fur is in beautiful condition, stains on the lining)
70" tall - assembled brand new High Bidder has choice of 226 or 227, may sell both at auctioneers discression 
70" tall - brand new in box (Choice of high bidder for 226)
Darth Vader and C-3PO action figure cases, 30" Darth Vader figure in  half box and plastic X-Wing fighter model, varied age Star Wars books and videos, action figure ID cards for reader, child's Vans tennis shoes and box, poster, Black Series Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader 6" action figures in box and more  
"My Daddy Bought Me..." - mounted on linen for preservation in frame w/ glass 32 3/4 inch X 23 3/4 inch framed
made of fabric, paper and wood holding suitcase,bags, sewing machine and papers  with Ellis Island Number - 1995 by Linda Miller / Riderich Smith 66/200
Bristol Yellow and Amber #6030 Spiral Ribbed, light acid etched Steuben Fleur di Lis signature on base of Bristol Yellow
#5194 wide brim jade green rim and half moon bowl with alabaster domed foot, 4" x 9 3/4"
#7566, 12" center trumpet and 2 side JIP lip flutes - hand etched "Steuben" on base, beautiful soft iridescence
#2851 flared rim Rosaline "Jade" glass bowl with Alabaster foot
Open cartouch bevel mirror top with gilt gesso yoke base of chell, acnathus leaf and cornucopia decoration
(Poland 1882-1975) Renowned Jewish Artist, Series of images feature early 1900s Jewish life and learning - each etching is hand pressed, pencil signed and titled -  9"x11 1/2" sight, matted under glass in 17"x19 1/4" frames
glass front door, multiple finials and porcelain face
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - Self portrait with use of studio mirrors while a pastor at St John Evangelical Church, San Francisco  - presented in June 1931 when he entered ministry in Wisconsin - unframed canvas size: 24"x20 - family estate
approx 18" tall, fine hand colored print in oval wood matt frame
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature, cleaned and restored 1994- canvas size: 16"x20", frame size: 15 1/2 x19 1/2"
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - "Bay in San Francisco German Freighter 'Arns' Original 1916" canvas size: 14"x12", frame size: 19 1/2"x17 1/2" - family estate
(1904-1989 Renowned Spanish Surrealist) - "Apparition du visage de l'Aphrodite", paper embossed "Leda Demart Dali" w/ melted watch and D images, "Mourlot Paris" blind stamp, #123/295, Sight size: 41 1/2"x27 3/4", frame size: 54 1/2" x 40 1/2"
flared and Art Deco rolled shoulder vases & mermaid bowl
9" metal seated on separate stand and 8 1/2" composite
14" mounted on wood plinth
9" ornate ruby etched to gold wash goblet/ chalice with windblown horse and stag panels on leaf and fruit foot and pr 3 layer red on white cut to clear crystal 5 1/4" tumbler vases with ornate gold accents and rim bands
3-tier round & pr. square side tables
Art Deco Dress woman figure base with draped glass bead fringe shade, The Crosa Collection
Vintage store cigarette promotion punch cards- "Plum Pudding" and "Jackpot" - mostly unused in good condition
Orange Cab, Grain Hauler, Steel Carrier and Boat Trailers
"Bring it Again" - mounted on linen for preservation - no glass 34 1/2 inch X 24 3/4 inch framed
24" jointed chimpanzee with 6 1/2" mini Jocko - both with Stieff ear buttons and tags, small one with Jocko name badge
4 drawers with rounded sides and cupped handles
Art Nouveau lily pad design w/ back splash
GIA Duplex Refractometer with cover, Star Swiss watchmaker/ jeweler's inverter and staking set in box, wooden box of misc drill bits iincl boxed "The Genuine and Original Irwin Bits" etc
9" Holly ICS, 8" Dragon and Lotus 8 Ruffle, and 7" Leaf Chain with Berry and Leaf Circles Exterior 6 Ruffle
Duncan & Miller Opal Sanibel, Fostoria Heirloom, Murano gold fleck shell form, pink and amethyst rim Victorian 
Imperial 12" Morning Glory and pair Ripple,11"  Fenton April Showers &  7" Northwood Tree Trunk
"Grape & Cable" sweet meat & 2 tumblers
Venetian Latticcimo blue and white ewer, Burmese vase and crystal love birds
Turn of the century Nippon ceramics with Art Nouveau inspired Irises and  embossed foo dog head handles
Green Freesia 122-8", Terra Cotta Snowberry IUR-8, & Green Clematis 108-8"
8" square vase with  gold accented raised arhat figures (Meiji, appears to be "Nambe" mark), 7 1/2" censer with foo dog finial and handles and 5 1/2" bud vase with Chinese red decoration
3 1951-S, 2 1952-D, 3 1954-D, 3 1957-D, 3 1958-D, 3 1959-D and 3 1962-D
Half dollar, quarter, dime nickel and penny, All NGC graded PF 67 Cameo, Quarter also with a star rating - Comes in handsome glass top display case and presentation box
including cuckoo clock, symbol, poodle, mailbox, race car, Bible, and marriage license.13.5 dwt
snake chain w/ pillow cut blue topaz center stone enhanced red chrystal baguette & diamonds 15" (2.4 Dwt. incl. stones)
blue satin and cameo satin hurricane shades with matching color hand painted roses on metal oil lamp style bases
ox bow 3 drawers, original hardware
"We Belong 100% Strong" - mounted on linen for preservation in frame w/ glass 34 1/4 inch X 24 1/4 inch framed
History of Santa - Dedt Moroz & Russian (missing branch), Star Man (boy missing staff), St. Lucia, Frau Holda  & Lord of Misrule (missing finger) - 4 w/ orig. boxes
guitar w/ clock & guitar accent light
The Great Book of Jewels, Cartier, Chanel, Bakelite Jewelry, Glass in Jewelry Gioie di Hollywood, Gems if Costume Jeerly, Wristwatches and so much more1 copies "Infinite Riches - jewelry Through the Ages" Museum colection
Marvel Comics Group, Classics Illustrated, Richie Rich, Charleton Comics Group, etc.
Gold Finish, No Mouthpiece,  Serial No. HTR-901
9.5" Cambridge Crown Tuscan cornucopia vase, 6.5"  Fenton 1933 Mongolian Red and 1932 Pekin Blue #621 flip vases
Detailed Castle Painting, Back Marked Dec. 167 B
pencil signed & numbered by Gail Cohen Edelman, #6/50, sight size: 23 1/2"x19 1/2", frame size: 31 3/4"x26 3/4"
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - Mesa landscape with  horse riders in foreground and distant mesa top adobes, reminiscent of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona - canvas size: 16"x20", frame size: 23 1/2"x27 1/2"
w/ scenic medallion top & dragon carved border
leather exterior w/ satin interior both heavily embroidered 
hand quilted & hand stitched
gold accents and green leaf decoration - covered butter, cream, covered sugar and 4 berry/ sauce bowls
including 1958,60,62,64-71,74,76,78,1982 -2002
Gucci, First de Van Cleefs & Arpels, & Prelude by Balenciaga
11" Mi-fFo vase & 4" Tutone vase
Nippon strainer bowl, pedestal portrait cup and saucer, , sauce dish with liner and ladle, Rorstrand covered sauce tureen, Meissen demitasse cup and saucer, JP Limoges and Embassy Ware Fondville HP plates, RS Prussia chocolate pot (unmarked), tea pot (replaced lid with finial chip), & covered sugar, Shafer and Vater and Wedgwood Jasper ware, Austrian creamware vase, bone china S&Ps and more
12" Czechoslovakia ship plaque, 10" Bohemian form 3 handled tan vase, & Greek Minotaur vase with sgraffito design panels (signed on base)
Amethyst and Topaz beverage sets, Blenko Elephant bookends, Viking Dog and Tiara double spout decanter with embossed fruit body
10" tall, Arhat decoration with gold accents
13" Dugan Wreathed Cherry and Peach and Pear Designs
10" Murano ribbed pink opaline vase attrib to Archimede Seguso, 7" Phoenix Glass Studio England vase with clear body, black rim and black and gold fleck foot and 2 -4" Belgian Artist Henry Dean cylinder vase/tumblers/ votives
6" tall horse drawn carriage with as is orig paint, lady passenger
14" w/ figural dragon feet, spiral colum and open petal rim
American Quarter Horse Association statue by Suzann Fiedler, hitching post style iron horse head &brass clip, small prancing and cut tin on cresent horse fugurines
#7670, 1999 Annual Collector's Society Figurine, 10"
Fenton Tokyo & Northwood "Plume & Flower" compotes & "3 Fruits" small bowl
9 3/4" Naughty Girl with Straw Hat #5006 and  9 7/8" Prissy Coiffure Girl with Hat #5010 (Both Retired 1998)
presentation box of 12 sterling silver coffee spoons w/ figural & moveable finial plus 2 hors d'oeuvres forks, 2 souvenir spoons & 2 salt spoons (3.59 troy oz.), 12 .900 silver presentation box of decorative coffee spoons (2.19 troy oz.), olive spoon with rose quartz finial, 6 pr. sterling silver salt & pepper shakers (3.92 troy oz.) - contents only
w/ figural carved crests, 1 crest repaired
Fire King Jadite Swirl Mixing bowls (3 nesting plus estra) and 3 Alice Saucers, Mount Pleasant black amethyst 2 light candlesticks, Westmoreland Platonite blue with hand painted rose trellis low compote and 2 Holland metal ind. enamelware casseroles, melted butter pan and trivet
Seneca/Morgantown - 8  tall, 6 medium, 5 small and 1 short
Listed California Artist, Napa Valley Autumn hillside road, sight size: 21"x29", frame size: 31"x39"
Wisconscin Impressionist, Restored 1994 - Oil on  Stretched Canvas over Masonite  - canvas size: 16"x20", frame size: 20 1/2"x24 1/2"
pencil signed and numbered, #150/300 sight size:23"x17 1/2", frame size: 37"x30"
marble oval top side table & windsor chair
size 8 center pearl surrounded by 12 simulated diamonds marked 750
8 inch bracelet with new orleans, dog, wedding, drum,us capital,happy b-day puerto rico and more charms 2.985 ozt
ring size 9 1/2, oval cabochon
9.1 dwt 2 screw back and 1 pierced.
teardrop Hinged scent locket with 3 red stones 6.3 dwt
size 11, large oval cut stone Gypsy setting. total with stone 4.8 dwt
2 3/8" wide & 1 1/4" wide David Andersen butterflies, Viking ship, & 3-lobed abstract
white & blue design (1.7 troy oz.)
3 1916, 1916-S,  2 1918, 1918-D, 1918-S, 1923, 1929-D, 2 1937,  3 1938-D, 1938-S, 1941, 7 1941-D, 11 1942-D, 10 1943-D, 1944 & 2 1945-D
2" butterfly #7639 & 1 1/2" swan #7633 - both w/ boxes
1866 3 cent NGC Unc. Details/improper cleaning) & 1854 arrows 25 cent Seated Liberty Quarter VG 10 - NGC Graded and Slabbed
10 coin set with 5 coin proof set and 5 quarters set in original envelope and display cases, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of San Francisco Mint Proof Set production
with Cannon finial pewter lid, marked Johann Blebner
"1899 - 1901 August Wittmann" Inscription, litho dancing couple. soldier finial (rifle missing part of barrel)
including lawn mower, jack in the box, mom heart, cross with Dimond, Bicycle Built for Two, good luck horseshoe, fish, and locket 13.7 dwt
4 Barber Quarters (1896, 1898, 1908-D & 1910) & 21 Barber Quarters (3 1925, 5 1926, 1926-S, 3 1927, 2 1928, 1928-D, 2 1929, 1929-D, 1929-S, 2 1930) - All worn
Complete Sand People Tuskan Raider with weapon & vinyl cape - rare hollow cheek tube variant
1977 Prices Leia, Obi-Wan And Darth Vader with orig vinyl capes, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 with Sensorscope, C-3PO, Death Star Commander and Jawa with fabric cape (all weapons, Obi-Wan's light saber missing fine tip, Luke's fine tip is bent), 1978 Greedo, Hammerhead, Snaggletooth Walrus Man, Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot, (all with weapons)R5-D4, Death Star Droid, and Power Droid
8 walking outriders, 6 footmen with swords, and 4 Yeomen with pikes - restored box, figures tied to board 
Meiji period Jizai Okimono (Articulated Figures) creation  with lifelike movement - became the hallmark of craftsmen once making Samurai armor, artist signed on belly - approx 9.5" extended, 5" with antennae folded back
22 - 1954 Signature Series - 14 Bowman (Yost, Mueller, Pesky, Young, La Palma Maglie, Gorman, Seminick, Joost, Garcia, Etc) and 8 Topps (Limmer, Pesky, Conley, Brown, Qualters, Coleman, Kennedy & Cavarretta) , 20 1957 (Lawrence, McMillan, Lollar, Lemon, Dickson, Moon, Groat, Valo, Valentinetti, Moryn, Delock,White, Spencer, Tuttle, Miller, Wilson, Gardener, Bruton, WIlliams, etc) 30 -1958 ( Whisemant, Wight, Henrich, Dotterer, Fondy, Palys, Davenport, Grissom, Worthington, Speake, King, Crone, Barclay, Antonelli, McCormick, Zauchin, Korcheck, Gilian, Zimmer, Bessent, Roebuck, Baxes, Landrith, Dark, Smith, Merrit, Staley, etc) , and 12 1960 (Mantilla, Ginsberg, Brandt, McDevitt, Triandos, Brown, Burdtte, Willey, Courtney, etc)
Northwood amethyst (5 tumblers & 2 mugs) plus ACGA 1967 red carnival Washington DC convention mugs
2 color w/ orig. Blenko tag
9" Blue "Holly" shallow 8 ruffle, 9" "Ribbon Tie" Three and One, and 7" Green "Vintage" 6 Ruffle
Fenton rose crest and blue overlay melon rib, Orrefors Cinderella votive with box, French opalescent Beaded Fleur de Lis compote, green glass depression era water pitcher, twisted cane art glass centerpiece, etc.
7.5" antique blue square vase with boy in tree and emerald bud vase with lady, 5" blue bud vase and red Fenton bell plus 3 3/4" light green tumbler
6" ornately hand painted girl with basket of flowers by Dressel, Kister & Co (1907-1922), pr of 6 1/2" robin's egg blue glaze chinoiserie vases with fan panel and flower decoration
10" & 8" (firing rim crack in Zona)
9" Catalina Pottery White fish vase with  turquoise interior C 363, USA leaf conical & blended drip ring vase
1 L stein blue white and red lid signed G. Hohr Reichszinn,  0.5 L blue and white stein impressed mark on bottom Simon Peter Gerz 18, 0.5 L blue over gray stein Germany on bottom, 1 L Pub scene stein with heraldic lid impressed on bottom original Thewalt Germany  Alt-Grenzau 1894
1960s Mt. Clemens  Pottery shell form & great multi-glaze design 3 handled w/ berries in orange tone glazes
detailed marquetry pin line inlay & medallion floral designs - 1 drawer over 2 door
large quartz points, calcite groupings, petrified wood, Wulfite, Fluorite,  and much more
double art glass tulip shades - fountain pump in working condition
thick white and gray marble base
13 Royal Doulton demi cups & saucers, Bunnykins bowl, & Vizavi platter
Maple Leaf covered butter, creamer, sugar (no lid), and spooner; Louis XV covered butter and sugar; Intaglio custard compote (All with gold and other decoration) and 3 footed inverted feather small bowl
Rare Occult special "Atlantis the Antediluvian World" 7th ed. by Donnelly, 1901 Winston Churchill "The Crisis" with Illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy, 1935 "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis, 2 copies of Dwight Eisenhower "Crusade in Europe",  Carl Sandberg "Abraham Lincoln - The War Years" Vol I,II & IV . "Forward March! "by Mackey WWI  2 Vol. photo documentary, 2 vol. of History of Masonry by Mackey & Singleton (III & IV), HG Wells 2 Volume "The Outline of History" and 1864 "Ft Sumter to Roanoke Island" by William M Thayer
Peg Foot Cylinder Form, Ornate Contemporary Design
pin-line & pinwheel medallion inlay decoration
18" Austria Porcelain with hand painted tiger lily decor, signed MH Dorothy
Basket in form of folded bark with applied frog and other accents, emerald green glass vase has caged silver decorative body and rim, base marked Forbes Silver Co.
attributed to Mysore steer, Indonesia - matched polished pair
by Sellers w/ orig. tin sifter & bread drawer in beautiful condition
21" with base, bunny with pipe,  dressed in classic smoking jacket holding a martini glass, "Hugh M Hefner Editor-in-Chief" Plaque on Base, COA #94/2500 with internal and external shipping boxes
2 drawers w/ bottom doors w/ shelf
GILL  LS 417 frosted ruffle shade w/ floral etching design, Onyx disc and center base accents with metal flourish base
(1899-1984, listed American artist) signed "F.Beatty '67", actual size: 18"x24", frame size: 21 1/2"x27 1/2"
Herbert Ogden Waters (1903- 1996) Known for woodblock illustrations - WPA style black and white mountain beaver pond and valley trees, Ed/45
(Listed Hungarian Artist 1936- ) still life of table setting with silver cup, wine, fruit and cheese on lace tablecloth with dark background, canvas 36"x24", frame size: 41"x28 3/4"
30"x18"  in period frame, mounted to board - The House of Art, New York
Ishikawa Toyonubu (1711-1785) Kabuki actors Nakamura Kiyohara Saburo and Ichimura Kamechi (sight size: 17"x12", frame size: 24"x19"), Asada Benji Circa 1950s, Pagoda at Ninnaji Temple with Cherry Blossoms, Collector's Guild Uchida Alelier in Kyoto, Japan (sight size: 14 .25"x9.25", frame size: 22.25"x16.25") and photo print of Hiroshige Rain on Bridge (Sight 11.5"x7.5", frame 19.5"x15.25"
7" Niloak Mission Swirl & Muncie Salmon blended glaze 2 handled
commemorative brass clock w/ personal engraving, heart glass dessert plate & double deck of cards monogrammed in orig. box
Varied size, shape and crystaline centers, black, mahogany & ivory in color, smooth, rounded and druse crystal forms - contents only
tangerine beehive 64E vase, amethyst crackle 404M 11 1/2" vase,  amber pitcher w/ applied handle & ruffle vase w/ applied decorative ring, & amethyst crackle ruffle vase & pinch vase
pr. 7 1/2" flambe woodcut bud vases #1603, 7 Royal Doulton A mark character jugs (small Buzfuz D5838, Cap'n Cuttle D5842, Harriet D5195 & The Cardinal D6033; mini Toby Philpots D6043 and Tony Weller D6844 and tiny Old Charley D6144)) and Landcaster 3" character jug
Heisey Punty Band covered sugar with HP roses, Fenton Prayer RUg bonbon, Blackberry Spray tulip lip hat base, Diamond Peg souvenir mini mug, Northwood nutmeg stain grape trellis novelty vase, refrigerator box, range pepper shaker, toothpicks vases, mugs candlesticks and much more
Gerald Smith - GS51, model 233 - 12" tall
5" trotting horse made by the Russian Kasli foundry (Signed in Cyrillic) with book showing examples of their work
Masted Schooners, one marked Spanish Galleon Copr. 1928
13" tall grouping of 3 playful dolphins
white wash finish, Approx 3 1/4" x 9"
Blue & White stylized standing crane scene with pine bough border, base has etched ship design and old tag reading "Over 120 years old"
#5820 sand blasted Blenko on base (1958-1961), 
w/ moveable side blinkers - great steampunk style for motorcycle, aviator, etc. - beautiful condition
7" melon ribbed form with pinched neck and flared rim
9" Northwood 10 Ruffle Shalllow Bowl
8" green iridescent bud vase attrib to Kralik Martele optic, 2 tone blue slag inkwell with worn iridescence, Arts & Crafts lid with original glass insert
Pedestal Footed Bowl of low slender fashion, Cobalt and Gold Greek Key rim decoration with 3 footed porcelain stand
Round Kirk center bowl, Gorham salt shaker, International Silver Co. Minuet butter knife & bouillon spoon, Towle Canterbury teaspoon & Vespera squared cream ladle, Whiting King Albert olive spoon,  Mayan calendar coin spoon, salt cellar with lid and miniature tongs (14.76 Troy Oz Total Wt)
Schrade, Buck, & US Navy knives, sterling silver candle holders, & much more - contents only
Double domed with impressed star, some roughage great patina
Royal Bayreuth cabinet vase, Lenox Belleek mug, Ginori and Stouffer's Limoges bowls with gold decoration, 2 Nippon Scenic plates
Peach Opalescent Dugan/Diamond Pulled Loop 10" swung vase and 6" Jeweled Heart 6 ruffle  bowl, Northwood amethyst Grape and Cable creamer, 2 Fenton Peacock Tail Bowls (Green shallow 6" and Blow 6 ruffle 5")
diamond quilted Con ora cracker jar with hand painted ivy & milk glass compote with open weave reticulated rim
Recumbent Lion lid, open rim base -"Purple Slag Glass Circa 1850 by Imperial" tag on interior, 7"x8"
Don Quixote D 6455, Izaak Walton D 6404, & Othello D 6673
collar, collapsible top hat w/ orig. box, 3 children's books, pr. of eye glasses, carved ivory chain of elephants, plus 4 pcs. of framed art (oil on board by Joseph Warner, wood carving & watercolor by Dale Edward Bresky, & oil on board landscape by J. C. Ravlere
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - classic image of warrior freeing naked maiden from her bonds with cherub above - small tear bottom right -canvas size: 22"x18", frame size: 27 1/2"x23 1/2" - family estate
black wire and mesh magazine stand with original ceramic ashtray
Elegant open slat backs, 2 Captains and 6 regular
 Fine accent veneer band border,2 large inset leaves with aprons and full pads
military and police patches, campaign button pins, It's Topps Super Pyro Anti-freeze thermometer, autograph book, coca cola hanging sign, telephoto lens  for 35 mm camera, sheriff hat, leather fire mans hat,  etc. - contents only
Ornate design with rhinestones and faux mother of pearl finish
Warner Bros Looney Tunes 24" Bugs Bunny sitting with carrot and 20" Gossamer
4 section w/ glass eyes (missing tail) - 13"
Misc figures, carved and painted, 2 bottle stoppers on stand
snowflake, teardrop, icicle and more - contents only
Steiff roly-poly bear, 2 Royal Doulton Bunnykins youth plate and cup sets in orig. boxes, 4 c Wedgwood Peter Rabbit child dishes, 4 Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse toys, Comic Strip Toys book and retro western tin litho box watercolor paints
Miali California Pottery Jardiniere, Gondola planter, Mellow Ware dog, soft green horse head, stylized bird, Royal Hager bud vase and Blue Mountain Pottery owl 
Duncan blue Canterbury form Royal Lace etch vase, Candlewick handled plate, sauce bowl, 5 cups, 9 saucers and oval tray, Czech bird divided and green fan design trays, Fostoria Colony console bowl, Moonstone plate, Fenton green opal liner and much more
complete hard bound Harry Potter 7 volume set plus "The Tales pf Beetle the Bard" in cardboard school trunk, various maps, photo sets and more
peach crest vase, French opalescent hobnail basket, etc
Retro design lucite body phone, spiral green lucite candles and clear ice bucket with lid
Amethyst Carnival glass squirrel, horse and owl figurines, Light Green Opal iridized "In God We Trust" lady spittoon (ACGA Convention, Columbus, OH 2002) and mini Pump vase (ICGA Convention 2007)
set 4 Barcelona highball tumblers & Marquis Glacier 10"  vase - orig. box for tumblers
Gustav Adolf Hensel (Listed American Artist 1874-1953) active in Wisconsin/ California, known for religious and classical inspired canvases, with classic D Hensel signature - portrait of Harriet Dohr Pfefferkorn 1925 wedding present & frame Christmas present thereafter - canvas size: 24"x20", frame size: 31 1/2"x 27 1/2" - family estate
pr. with horses in 32"x14" faux bamboo frames, & pr. of mountain landscapes in 24"x11" frames
1940's-70's leather, patent leather, gabardine, & box purses by Delill, House of Daron, Lewis, Plummer of NYC, Bienin Davis, Etienne Aigner, etc.
21" Bahamas Mid Century stylized and 11" Bali praying  ladies,15" European painted lamp post man & 15" Chinese head
Fenton Ribbed Green Stretch glass footed bowl, Art Deco cobalt center bowl with silver fruit and leaf accents, 4 Topaz Princess cups and 3 dessert plates, Monax American Sweetheart sandwich plate, Duncan and Miller Language of Flowers tray, Cambridge Apple Blossom 5 part relish, Fostoria Willowmere 2 handled vase, Amber Sharon Cabbage Rose bowl and wheel cut green 2 handled bon-bon tray
metal Ganesha figure, Humpty Dumpty, mechanical bear and dog banks, Japanese photo album, silk parasol, seminole doll, portrait porcelain relish & more
24", scenic Panel of Women at leisure in garden
Sparkles seltzer bottle made in Czechoslovakia, Eezee-Pour cocktail shaker, & Laslo for Mikasa amethyst lucite handled flatware (service for 10, 5 pc. place setting), plus service for 2 pearl lucite handled flatware and partial set of Gorham stainless steel flatware
1972 - frame size: 21 1/2"x29"
15" Praying figure and 14"" Sword made of old Chinese coins, brass frog on coin mound vase with jeweled coin in mouth and 11"round  elemental dragon plaque
Wood Framed slanted side end tables with inset slate tops
Linda Ronstadt, David Bowie, Triumph, Supertramp, Three Dog Night, Micheal Jackson, THrt Band, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, The Police, Def Leppard, John Cougar, Eric Clapton, George Thorogood, Deep Purple, THe Cars, Styx, Traffic, Iron Maiden, George Benson, AC-DC, Hellen Reddy, Walt Disney, Bambi, Stills,Nash, Neil Diamond, Joe Cocker, Roy Orbison, Paul Anka, Grand Funk, Ringo, The Ink Spots and many more
nut cracker, figurines, tiny bats, headdress, etc. - contents only
Renditions of famous classical sculptures -St. George & the Dragon and Roman draped nude woman on lounge
34" carved gnome tree stump, 18"  owl in tree rough wood plaque and 36" hand hewn farm treen feeder slab/ herb bowl with 4 inset bowl cuttings and end finger grips on verso
10" Marigold (slight wear to base color) and 9" amethyst with rich iridescence - both 8 ruffle rims
great layered ribs of frosted glass (woud make great bird feeders, too) - some minor surface abrasions
4 Harlequin Bohemia glass "Gondola" ash trays, Fenton 100 years bell and pink shoe, Akro Agate ash tray, daisy and button amberina dresser tray, milk, iridescent & satin glass toothpicks, hand blown bohemian goblet, mini ewer, candlestick and vases, etc.
bull dog necklace & bracelet suite, sweet tart necklace, statement bracelet, Kiss Me necklace, nautical, etc. - contents only
1- heart shaped lockets and 1 oval, 1-heart pendant,1- rotary dial telephone stick pin. (13.7 dwt.)
(11.1 dwt.)  - wheel cut and carved designs
w/ brass link - Mexican sterling (4.5 troy oz. total weight)
size 9 1/2 large center amethyst stone surrounded by clear quartz stones
w/ enamel decoration - 16" - (2.9 Dwt.)
turquoise & stamped design cuff bracelets, jade & coral ring (3.47 troy oz. w/ stones)
amethyst bracelet & pin, turquoise cuff bracelets, mineral heart & abstract pendant necklaces, moderne necklace, abalone pins & more - contents only
Majorica pearl necklaces w/ sterling clasps, Pandora sterling beads, crystal bead necklace w ring links, bracelets, & much more - contents only
Anna Greta Eker ring, W.E. Richards bracelet, mixed metal Casados, fish pin, Topazio Portugal pin, & other great mid century design bracelets, necklaces, & pins - contents only
1954 MS 64 FBL Franklin half dollar, PR 66 Cameo quarter, PF 68 cameo nickel
Michal Negrin, Sin Receta, Fossil, Misaki, & Henri Bendel & Pandora black cord necklace - contents only
"7" Spilled Milk  #2246 and 7 3/4'" First Kiss #2162
Pr Egg in Blossom with HP scarlet trumpet flowers, Pr Squatty Lobe with small pink flowers and 5 lobe with rose hips and Squatty Lobe with Violets pseudo-pair
1918-D, 1926, 1927, 1929, 4 1935, 4 1936, 2 1937, 1938, 2 1939, 1940, 1941-D, 4 1941-S, 2 1943-D,  4 1943 & 1944-D
1936, 1941, 1942, 1943, 4 1944, 1944-D,  1945, 1946, 1948-D, 3 1952-D, 1953-D, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1957-D, 2 1958-D, 2 1959-D, 1960, 2 1960-D, 3 1961-D, 3 1962-D, 5 1963-D, 2 1964, 1964-D
1917, 1918, 2 1923, 1935, 4 1936, 2 1937, 1938, 2 1939, 2 1940, 1942, 3 1943-S, 3 1943-D, 2 1943, 2 1944-D, 2 1944, 2 1945
5.905 ozt Bracelets, chains with pendants, earrings, brooches , ect
Bronze Denver Mint Medallion, 2 Large US Matron Head Cents, 7 Indian Head and 17 Wheat Cents, 1964 2 Cent in Ring Holder,  3 5 cent Sheild, 1 V,2 Buffalo Nickels, 1902 Barber and 18 Mercury Dimes and Standing Liberty Quarter - Most Very Worn
1952, 1952-D, 1953-D, 1954, 2 1956, 1956-D, 1957, 3 1957-D, 3 1958-D, 5 1959-D, 1960-D, 2 1961-D, 8 1962-D, 4 1963-D, and 6 1964-D
Topps 1964 Phillies Team, 26 1965 (Yankees 1st Place and Red Sox 8th Place Team, Rookie Stars Dodgers Willie Crawford & John Werhas, Senators Pete Craig and Dick Nen, Cards Fritz Ackley & Steve Carlton, Red Sox Bob Guindon & Gerry Vezendy and Orioles Paul Blair & Dave Johnson, Series 6 Check List card, Reds Ted Wills Sammy Ellis, Don Pavletich & Ryne Duren, Yankees Whitey Ford, John Blanchard & Phil Linz, Twins Tony Oliva & Frank Kostro, Cards Jerry Bucher, Astros Don Nottebart, Dodgers Sandy Koufax, Athletics Lew Krausse, Braves Gary Kolb, Pirates Bob Bailey, Senators Joe Cunningham, Angels Bobby Locke,) 17 1969 (Pirates Rookie Stars Elvio Jimenez & Jim Shellenback, National League Darrel Chaney, Duffy Dyer and Terry Harmon, Fred Whitfield, Frank Fernandez, George Scott, Bill Voss, Billy Harris, George Culver, Dick Radatz, George Thomas, George Brunet, Cecil Upshaw, Frank Bertaina, Gary Nolan, Dooley Womack, Ron Hansen & Chuck Hartenstein), 13 1970/71 cards and more
80+ LPs (11 Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Chicago, Men at Work, Manhattan Transfer, RIckie Lee Jones, Hall & Oats, Evita, Cabaret. Jphn Lennon, Bette Midler, A Chorus Line, Billy Joel,  Toto, Billy Idol, Crusader, James Taylor, Spyro Gyra, Liza Minnelli,, Sting, Foreigner, and more), 19 -45s (Dawn, Al Green, Neil Young, Gremlins, Passover, Carole King, 4 Tops, Etc)  and Janis Joplin Book
Looney Tunes special - 8", 10" and 7" figurines (10" w/ box), plastic toasting glasses,  weights and Love Slave heart lock and Bugs and Taz salad set with box
Several natural grotto form with open end, most uncut, ready to reveal their beauty to the adventurous cutter -contents only
Pair of Matching Mantle Urns, Unusual 4 hande basket and bowl with Art Deco style decorations
20" colorful butterfly wing tray, 8" carved gourd bowl with cowrie shell rim drops, 9" carved wood figure, round bottom clay vessel with multi natural color stain glaze, low  black and red panel decorated domed vessel with attached lid and 9" banded drum
Square Tops with Matching Legs by Lane
Dealer promo cars (Ford Thunderbird - 1956 w/ friction motor by AMT Inc., 1962 390 Special V8 w/ 300 HP, 1958 friction HT Gulfstream blue & white - & 1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner convertible Club Coupe V8), 1920's Littco cast iron penguin door stop b7 Littlestown Pa, Arthur Mfg. basket of flower cast iron doorstop, Fripu no. 291 cheese grater, wood hobby horse, handmade airplane, jack in the box, & more - contents only
10" Phoenix/ Consolidated Glass Dogwood vase with gold and 9" Peony vase with matt blue decoration, Milk Glass 10" Christopher Columbus plate, Roses and Bowls Westmoreland Paneled Grape low basket and hobnail bell with ribbed swirl background
7" in wood tone glazes and 5 1/2" Ivory glaze background staved bucket form Wood Rose
5" tall  Victorian natural tan clay glazed smoke set w/ tree stump form spill vase for cigars & matches with seated native figure with club and feather headdress & match striker (as is), & 15" chalk Art Nouveau lady holding mid-eastern urn ashtray
Franz Anton Mehlem 7.5" teapot, 4.5" creamer, & 8.5" vase - creamware body with floral and raised antique gold accent decorations
5 Motto ware, 1 blue salt glaze with pewter top
Weller (Blue Drapery & single rose vases & rabbit pitcher) & Watt rooster #62 cream pitcher
9" pensive Parian seated woman with gold band base #2823  and 5.5" intricate Meissen style monkey playing violin #4012/3
1239-7" Florentine, Circa 1924 and 1WP-8" Snowberry, Circa 1947
paper towel holder, wind chimes, 2 cruet sets,  22 & 12" figurines  and more, all with boxes except 22" figurine
Barrel form with embossed well scene on front and flower bouquet on verso with beaded seam mark, spigot and aged replaced wood lid
2 Fisherman Mugs with embossed trout, Grape Delight amethyst rose bowl and Cobalt deep  bowl
Monmouth "Western Stoneware Co." maple leaf 1 gallon  (hairlines) & 4 Gal. RRP Co. crown mark
Sextant Bubble Type AN-5851-1 Bendix Aviation Co and  Stadimeter US Navy BuShips, Mark II Mod 0 Ajax Engineering (both 1942 in wood cases) and Type AP-12 A_C Ammeter No144569516 with humorous  "Bullsh*t Meter" front mark
1969 Corvette owner's & service manuals, hard cover reference books, die cast cars in orig. boxes, etc.
large playing cards, store display card w/ eye key hole key-chains, mini motion flip books, "Golf Tease", novelty figures, clicker, etc.
Volkswagon plastic, die-cast and  1/64 scale - Corgi Van and Ambulance, Rio gold bug in boxes, dune buggy and more- contents only
Playbills from 1960-1980s (Richard Burton in Camelot, Flower Drum Song, Annie, Equus, La Cage aux Folles,, Deathtrap, Boys in teh Band, Fiddler on the Roof, Chicago, The Ritz, Etc) from The Kennedy Center, Miami City Ballet and Opera, etc, plus Approx 800 post cards (Victorian to glossy photo), 35+ Souvenir postcard travel sets, 
16" Fenton Rustic, 10" Diamond & Rib, 9 1/2" Northwood Diamond Point and 7" Northwood Thin RIb
11", 8" and 6" tall cast resin & 16" Italian porcelain
silver plate plateau beveled mirror w/ 17 chinese silverdemi spoons with pagoda finials, olive 2 tine pic with coin handle & Faberge Collection Egg in orig. box
floral and trellis design
Emilio Pucci Signor Vivara, Royal Copenhagen, Van Cleef & Arpels, Roberto Capucci Punjab, Kipling, Perry Ellis, Oscar de le Renta Pour Lui, Krizia Uomo, Kipling, Halston, Nocturnes De Caron, Jacomo, Azzaro
8 bird and animal  figurines, 9 bird plates, 4 cups, 4 crystal vases, lots of mini bird houses, etc. - contents only
D-5477 - covered serving dish, 2 oval serving bowls, 2 platters (13.5" & 15.5"), 12 - 6.5", 8.5", & 10.25" plates, 12 - 8 .5" soup & 5.5" berry bowls, 12 cream soup & liners (4 cups have crazing), & 12 teacups w/ liners (6 cups have crazing)
hanging smoke natural drop crystals in 3 tiered setting, in the style of Paolo Venini
Stangl "Carnival" serving pieces, bowls, cups and saucers, Pennsbury pitcher, Pearl candlesticks, Sadler teapot, McCoy house planter, Brock platter, copper luster and other pitchers, embossed duck mixing bowls, Italian pig cookie jar and more
Laura Biagiotti Roma, Christian Dior Poison, Anne Klein, Armand Basi Red, Oscar de la Renta, Anais Anais, Bijan, Salvador Dali, Fred Hayman 273, Missoni, & more (17 bottles)
The Great American Pin Up, Pin Up Poster Book, The Life and art of Elvgren, 2 Vargas and Varga, Knight Harvest, 
Oscar de Le Renta, Vera, Mantilla, Symphony, Pendleton, Ralph Lauren, souvenir, Saks, Bill Blass, poodle & terrier, and sooo much more
Roseville, Franciscan, American Dinnerware, Hall, Graniteware, Cambridge, Elegant Glass, Candlesticks, Depression Glass, Kitchen and Bath, Ivory, clothing, and much more
w/ 5 Stained Glass Shades
9" Windmill, 9" 6 Ruffle Holly, 6" Waterlily 2 Handled  Bonbon, 5 1/2" Iris & Herringbone and pr of  4 1/4" Crackle
Kutani, Tashiro Soten & other pedestal & lithophane cups and saucers, Thousand Face and intricate floral painted partial tea services, bowls, vases, and more, most from early 1900-1930s (some minor issues)
Waterford Glandore compote, Lismore cordial ornament, sand etched tall candlestick, Val St Lambert fruit embossed relish bowl, Ceskci crystal swan, Fostoria Coin covered sugar, EAPG cake salver, Cambridge satin Caprice platter with sivler decoration, Candlewick and more
marigold Jester vase, Singing Birds mug & Pansy nappy, Amethyst lattice lid butter dish, red Indian head toothpick, 5 Smoke Luster Rose tumblers, Amethyst Butterfly and berry tumbler (internal base crack)  plus Mosser chocolate slag Grape and Cable covered butter 
Franciscan Heritage water pitcher, 2 Moorcroft floral pin trays,  Coalport, Royal Worcester, Crown Staffordshire, Wedgwood, Green Mark Belleek, Queen Anne, AGHJ Stoke on Trent Wilton Ware, Royal Copeland, Gouda, Lenox, Suomi FInland,  fine Japanese porcelains, Rosenthal Studio-line, Midwinter, Bavaria and more

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